Aaron Ruxbin

It’s Official, Twurkaholics Are Sell-Outs

Two months ago (in December, 2012) we brought you the story of Actual Records, the successful rise of their label, and their “Twurkaholics” party at Soundgarden Hall. To give you a quick recap, the first ever Twurkaholics was held at Medusa Lounge, a venue that holds somewhere between 100-200 people. The first Twurkaholics party at […]

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Diplo at Soundgarden Hall: Things Get Expletive Expressive

On Sunday, January 20th, 2013, superstar DJ and producer, Diplo, took his one of a kind show to the air. Not the airwaves, we’re talking about the skies… in a helicopter. Playing four shows in a single day, the trek (branded “Trap Hawk Down”) took Diplo from Baltimore, to Philly, to Atlantic City, to New […]

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Twurkaholics: From the Warehouse to the Soundgarden

Electronic Dance Music has moved more and more into the mainstream in the past few years, making its way from underground clubs and warehouses to big name concert venues. One of the last holdovers from the old school warehouse parties in Philadelphia was a series of events thrown by the crew at Actual Records. One […]

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