Steve Aoki’s Tornado Rips Through Theater of the Living Arts

On Thursday night, a sold-out crowd of rabid house-music fans packed the Theater  of the Living Arts on South Street to see superstar DJ Steve Aoki (and a host of opening acts) on the 1’s and 2’s.

From the moment the doors opened after 9pm, there was a steady stream of people heading inside to secure their place in the general admission venue. Those who were lucky enough to gets spots at the front of the stage were there for hours upon hours to hold down their vantage point.

From the first DJ (Adrian Hardy) to the last (Steve Aoki) there was a steady non-stop stream of bumping tunes. The locals, the special guests, and the headliner himself all combined to put on a show that had no low-points.

It was upbeat club-bangers from the first track of the night until Steve Aoki finished his set around 2am. He pulled out all of the stops as he rocked the mic, crowd surfed, and showered the audience (multiple times) in champagne.

We could tell you more about the special evening, but a picture speaks 1,000 words… so we’ll just let them talk about how magical the night (presented by Steez Promo) was. Enjoy.

You can view a full photo slide-show below:

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