St. Lucia & The Knocks at The TLA

It was easy for us to practice for Thanksgiving on Tuesday, November 25th because two of our absolute favorite acts, ‘The Knocks’ and ‘St. Lucia’, were sharing a bill at The TLA (giving us plenty to be thankful for). Due to an unfortunate gaffe at the box office, we weren’t able to make it inside in time (with our camera gear) to catch the beginning of The Knock’s set. While we don’t have the photos from their performance (so we’ll use some file photos from their last show we attended in Philly), we have the memories that will last a lifetime.

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The Knocks have never disappointed us, and we make a point to see them anytime they are in the area. We almost forget just how special seeing them live is until we’re experiencing it once again, but from the moment we set foot inside the TLA, the rush of memories came flooding back to us. Their music is so funky and downright feel-good that it’s impossible not to smile and dance around when they are on stage. Every single one of their tracks makes us gush with joy. From ‘Classic’ to ‘The Feeling’ to ‘Comfortable’ to ‘Brightside’, they just know how to make music that lifts us up and washes our cares away. They also discovered St. Lucia which is another feather in their proverbial cap. We’re smitten with their sound and we don’t care who knows it.

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We never wanted The Knocks to end but once the set break concluded and St. Lucia hit the stage, we seamlessly transitioned into Fan-Boy mode for them. As much as we enjoy rocking out to St. Lucia’s recorded music, we must say that their live performances take things to the next level. The band opened with ‘Cold Case’ and ‘Before The Dive’ and then transitioned into two of our favorite tunes ‘Closer Than This’ and ‘Wait For Love’.

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Jean-Philip Grobler and his band-mates own the stage and the joy on their faces while performing is undeniably infectious. Their twelve song set was a sweaty dance party with everyone from the floor to the balcony getting their groove on.

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Their three song encore kicked off with a little new music, ‘Stay’, followed by their biggest hit (to date), ‘Elevate’. We were sure the show would end there but (happily) we were wrong. St. Lucia saved ‘When The Night’, the title track from their debut album, for last. The night was a magical medley of music that, quite frankly, we could attend night after night after night (with perhaps some Chromeo sprinkled in there for good measure). We highly suggest checking out this tour while you still have the chance!

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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