Showtek Plays Sold-Out Valentines Day Show at Soundgarden Hall

Friday, February 14th was Valentines Day, but that did not stop a huge crowd from going to Soundgarden Hall for a sold-out show featuring Showtek, John G, and Giuliano Presta.


We got to Soundgarden around 11pm and were surprised to see not a single person waiting in line at the 18+ entrance. The 21 and up line, on the other hand, was winding down the block. We entered the venue to the sounds of techno being played by the opening DJs, and it was clear that everyone was already enjoying their night.


At 1220am, Showtek took over the stage and the audience let out a massive cheer. It took no time at all for the MC of the group to run out and instruct the crowd to get wild.


Maybe it was Showtek, maybe it was the love in the air, or maybe it was just our imagination, but the crowd Friday night was absolutely nuts. We have covered countless sold-out shows at Soundgarden Hall before, but Friday was definitely up there for the most packed we have seen the venue. If you want proof, just ask the three gigantic security guards that had to stand ground and reinforce the guardrails in front of the stage.


Any show of this size will have its difficulties and Friday was easily one of the most hardest times we have had trying to navigate around SGH. However, although the show was absolutely packed, everyone seemed to love Showtek. Their non-stop, in your face track selection, mixed with their energy on stage, had every corner of SGH dancing. Showtek’s MC certainly helped cool down the rabid fans, as he (almost constantly) sprayed the crowd with an CO2 gun.


Showtek’s performance featured a great deal of electro music, but it seemed to include a relatively small amount of Hardstyle, a genre they are considered to be pioneers of.  


Showtek’s set was one of our favorites that we’ve heard in some time.  With festival season just around the corner, we will definitely have to keep an eye out for any lineups that feature them.


[Photo credit: Steve Garfinkel Photography]

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