Shaggy at the TLA

On Wednesday November 12, the TLA on South Street played host to one artist that many people may have forgotten in recent years – Shaggy. We were unsure of whether Shaggy was still relevant or if people would come out on a Wednesday night to see him perform. Nevertheless, the idea of seeing Shaggy was so nostalgic that we decided to have some midweek fun.

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When we arrived at the TLA we found ourselves surrounded by a very diversified crowd. There were families, college students, and a collection of older adults. Clearly, Shaggy’s music transcends all demographics.

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Shaggy took to the stage around 9pm and the crowd was overwhelmed with a sense of awe. If anything can be said about Shaggy, it’s that he knows how to entertain a crowd. Between playful banter and him dancing around stage, he keeps you captivated throughout the entire performance. Highlights of the night included live renditions of ‘Angel’, ‘It Wasn’t Me’, and ‘Boombastic’.

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What can we say? We got to hear our favorite Shaggy songs live – something we never though we’d have the opportunity to do. If Shaggy makes a pit stop in your town we highly recommend checking it out!

[Photo credit: Dan Drufovka]

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