Rusko Pumps Out Dub-Step at the Factory

When the Electric Factory sells out, it means that the joint is going to be packed, and it was nothing short of a full house last night as UK Dub-Step pioneer “Rusko” headlined the show with support from PEX/Playloop DJ’s (who were spinning some Drum & Bass when we arrived).

Those 21 and over packed the upstairs balcony to get some space from the massive crowd of younger fans who jammed the downstairs to capacity.

The show had quite a “rave” feel to it as fans dressed in bright neon (many with face paint), waived glow-sticks, chewed on pacifiers, and chain smoked cigarettes in the outdoor smoking area.

By the time Rusko took the stage around 11:30pm, and dropped some heavy bass on the Factory, it was a hot-mess inside.

From our perch in the press pit we saw multiple fans overwhelmed by the size of the crowd who had to be carried over the barrier at the front of the stage and rerouted around the side of the venue to a less crammed space.

Rusko danced around the stage often commenting that this was the best show of the tour. He seemed in awe of the size of the crowd that packed both floors of the venue. From the stage it was certainly amazing to see the mass of people all rocking out together.

The show continued until well past 1am at which point fans headed out to numerous after-parties at venues like the Starlight Ballroom and Arts Garage.

Many true electronic music fans refuse to embrace Dub-Step but it was clear from this show that Dub-Step is here to stay and Rusko is leading the charge.

Let’s let the pictures speak for themselves:

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