RL Grime and Salvo at Union Transfer

With tickets sold-out nearly 3 weeks ahead of time, saying that people were excited for the RL Grime show Saturday, February 1st at Union Transfer would be an understatement.  But perhaps attendees were a bit too excited, as what was bound to be a great night of music was cut short by the poor judgment of one individual.  But we’ll get to that later.


The show was the second sold-out show of the night at Union Transfer and the late night RL Grime show kicked off at 1130pm with an opening set by Salva.  The venue was absolutely packed even before Salva came on, and by mid-way through his set, it seemed the venue was at full capacity.


Come 1245am, it was time for RL Grime to hit the stage.  RL Grime had the venue going crazy within no time.  Our only issue we had with the night at this point was the lack of production that went into the show.  Usually you would see the opening DJ use a different table than the headliner, or more lights get used during the headliners set, however, neither was the case.


RL Grime took time to bring out Philly local DJ Swizzymack, as well as Xaphoon Jones, who were both greeted with cheers from the massive crowd.


While the night was shaping up to be an excellent time all around, at 145am, the house lights came on, and RL Grime got onto the microphone to inform the crowd that the cops were shutting the show down. He said that he was sorry, but there was nothing he could do.  RL Grime played one more song before getting onto the microphone again to apologize to the crowd, and promised that he would be back soon.  The show was slated to end at 215am, so the night ended 30 minutes prematurely.


Although this was an all-ages show, that had nothing to do with why the show was shut down. Allegedly, a 20 year-old male struck a police officer, as well as multiple security guards, causing the police to pull the plug on the night.


We hope that RL Grime does indeed make a trip back to Philly in the near future, as we were left with all but just a taste of what the artist has to offer.

[Photo credit: Steve Garfinkel Photography]

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