Rival Schools Give All Fans Reason to Cheer

Rival Schools new album “Pedals” was released today and before they head off to Europe for a co-headlining tour, they scheduled a few U.S. tour dates. That brief tour brought the influential rockers into the city of Philadelphia last night to throw down for a sold out crowd at Johnny Brenda’s.

The night opened with Radar Fiction at 9pm. The venue was still fairly empty at this point but by the time that the second band, Wigwams, took the stage at 10pm, many more fans were streaming into the bar to enjoy the music.

No matter what school of rock you come from, you would have been cheering for Rival Schools last night. As they took the stage around 11pm the sold out crowd roared to life. Rival Schools treated fans to a mix of old and new songs all. The high energy produced on stage as they threw down their powerful brand of rock easily overtook the venue and the fans that packed both levels.

There might be bigger venues in Philadelphia, and you could argue that there are bigger shows that roll into town, but this sold old show rivaled any rock show we’ve seen recently. We’ll consider ourselves schooled.

Rival Schools rolls into NYC tonight to rock the Santos Party House.

[all photo credits: Kelli Hoff]

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