Riff Raff at The Trocadero

We’re not quite sure why anyone would choose to listen to Riff Raff, but clearly there are many Philadelphians that feel differently. On Wednesday, January 28th, the Philly Riff Raff contingent hit the Trocadero for his “rap” performance that also featured Chanel West Coast.

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The crowd was pretty thick for a Wednesday night when we arrived for Chanel West Coast. She hit the stage in a pot leaf print skirt and instantly won over the crowd with her playful banter and surprisingly above-par rap skills. If you’ve only ever seen her being goofy on MTv’s ‘Ridiculousness’ then you might want to check out her rap persona as well. We especially enjoyed her performance of ‘Karl Lagerfeld’.

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Riff Raff hit the stage next as a girl in the front row (with her hair in corn-rows to match the headliner) screaming that she wanted to give him a blow-job (and that’s putting it mildly). This is the kind of classy crowd that Riff Raff attracts so we can’t say we were surprised.

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Riff Raff quickly chose two girls from the crowd to come up on stage and hold up signs (including one of Miley Cyrus’s head) for the entirety of his set. With his birthday looming at midnight, Riff Raff showed off his new Rolex watch (most likely a gift to himself) to the crowd…because what good is it to buy yourself an over-priced watch if you can’t show it off to a room full of your fans?

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Seeing Riff Raff in person really did nothing for us except make us question how many (lead) paint chips he ate as a kid and why anyone would want to see him perform, let alone pay to do so.

[Photo credit: Dan Drufovka]

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