Porter Robinson and Madeon at The Electric Factory

Electronic music has seen a wave of acts in the last two years develop live versions of their performances in order to gift a stronger and more intense experience to their fans. While performing a DJ set brings with it a sense of unpredictability and excitement, seeing an artist sing or play an instrument live has always had a certain allure that has now found its way into EDM. Two of the biggest and arguably best acts who incorporate live aspects into their performances as of the last two years are Porter Robinson and Madeon. With Robinson releasing his coveted album ‘Worlds’ about two years ago and Madeon releasing his album ‘Adventure’ around the same time, both of the acts have deviated from their original DJ sounds while still keeping the aspects of their styles that attracted fans during their pre-live careers. As they have brought with them a slew of new songs,  both artists developed their own live shows that catapulted their popularity to a level they did not know possible before. With dedicated fan bases all over the world, both Robinson and Madeon are truly showing those inside of the electronic scene and outside of it what the shining example of a dance music artist should be.

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Earlier this year, the announcement came that Porter and Madeon would be doing a collaborative tour together incorporating the live aspects of both their live shows and their most recent albums. When the announcement came, from two of the brightest and boldest minds in our scene, the internet practically shattered and it seemed that fans had found the second coming of Jesus himself. The tour kicked off just a short time ago in Atlanta and from the first second of the first show, the buzz for this tour grew ten fold. After catching videos and descriptions circulating the web of what the performance consisted of, everyone who was planning on attending the tour, circled their city’s date on their calendars and almost every stop of the tour sold out instantly. Last night, Friday, November 11, the duo took the stage for the first of their two shows here in Philadelphia, both at the Electric Factory.

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Expectations were high for the performance, and they were met and exceeded with extreme grace. There were many facets about the show that we loved. Starting with the venue, we were greeted politely by those at the door, and once we entered inside although it was very crowded as it was a sold out night, we found the crowd to be very courteous and the sound levels to be at a perfect volume.

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The show began with two openers that go by the name of ‘Robotaki and Danger’. Both openers brought their own unique styles to the stage, and pushed themselves to read the crowd and play a warm up set that would allow for the peak of the shows intensity to be during the headliners. Throughout the whole night, it was really refreshing to hear music that we normally don’t hear at other electronic shows. While some sets can feel recycled, every set last night felt unique and surprising.

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Porter Robinson and Madeon then took the stage to a mixture of their epic intro and massive roars from the crowd. The venue was electric and ready to be taken on a journey like no other, and that’s exactly what this performance was. Instead of playing their own songs, or even the live tour edits of their own tracks, the duo found ways to incorporate a track by each of them into each song. The live mashup and singing component along with the live drums and piano that both performed was done with expert precision. The two were in absolute tandem and were loving every second of it.

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It was interesting to see that for some of the mash-ups where Madeon’s song dominated, Porter would be performing the majority of the piece including the singing and the live drums, and vice versa when Porter’s songs would dominate. If one of Porter’s songs would dominate the track, Madeon seemed to be so much more hyped up than Porter, and vice versa again as well. It seemed that where one artist would take the backseat, the other would take the spotlight without any awkward tension. Watching, it seemed as these two had been performing together for years. The set was an emotional journey of extreme highs and lows that left love in our hearts and tears in our eyes. If you have the chance to see this tour, take it. This is a once in a lifetime experience, although we can only hope this tour can happen all over again in the future. We tip our hats to two of the most intelligible young minds in electronic dance music. You two have done so much for our scene that we hope is repaid to you every night you perform. The crowd at the Electric Factory definitely gave as much love back as it had to give.

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[Photo credit: Josh Campbell Photography]

[Article by Adam Leopold]

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