Philly MEGA Bombards Soundgarden Hall with Bass (plus Our Interview with Eptic)

Even with the unfortunate canceling of Moonrise Festival, which was to take place this past weekend in Baltimore, MD, EDM fans in the region still had several show options at Moonrise make-up events thrown by Steez Promo.

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Events were held over the weekend in Baltimore on Saturday and in DC and Philly on Sunday.

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The Philadelphia event, held at Soundgarden Hall, was named dubbed Philly MEGA and featured a talented line-up of local DJs and four acts originally slated to play at Moonrise: TC, Skism, Terravita, and Eptic. All the acts were joined on stage by MC Leaf Walker.

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The 7 hour event kicked off at 8pm with a 45 minute set by Frost who got the night started with a eclectic mix of drum&bass and happy hardcore. Up next was Aaron Ruxbin who kicked off his 45 minutes with some Latin infused bass music before transitioning into future bass, trap, and a sprinkling of moombahton. Although the crowd size was minimal at the beginning of the night, those who were there for the openers had no problem getting down to their sets.

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At 930pm Philadelphia native Des McMahon took over on the decks and things really started to pick up. We haven’t seen Des McMahon in Philly for some time now but it was clear from the crowd’s reaction to his set that they were happy to have him back.

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From this point on, things just continued to elevate from the size of the crowd, to the energy level, to the temperature. It was beginning to get downright hot when TC took over. The UK based D&B producer/DJ spent the next our dropping some killer tracks including his recent remix of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” which is one of our personal favorites.

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Up next was SKisM who has taken the bass music world by storm over the past four years. In addition to his stellar productions, remixes, and DJ skills, he man behind “Never Say Die” Records has also helped champion many up and coming producers/DJs like the Eptic, who would headline Philly MEGA later in the evening (after also playing MEGA Glow in DC earlier in the evening). SKisM’s skill set was on full display during his 75 minute set, as he whipped the SGH crowd into a frenzy.

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At 1230am it was time for the Americans to take the reigns as Terravita hit the stage to showcase their bumpin’ bass music. Not only does Terravita’s track selection blow you away, but the added element of live vocals on top of their signature sound is pure icing on the cake. We were jamming out hard to Terravita for the first 45 minutes of their set before we popped back into the Green Room for our video interview with Eptic.

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You can catch our interview right here:

After our interview was finished we hit the stage with Eptic for his headlining performance. We knew that fans in Philly (and those who had traveled here from a slew of other States) were pumped up for Eptic’s first ever Philadelphia appearance and the 19 year old Belgian wunderkind did not disappoint.

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For well over an over he took the crowd on an epic journey of bass music, pulling the reigns like a grizzled turntable veteran. Much to the delight of the crowd, and the evening’s other performers who all gathered on stage to watch Eptic do his thing, he mixed in a barrage of beats that had everyone in the venue dancing and sweating their asses off.

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When his set time finally ended, fans got the one more song that they chanted for. Still not satisfied, they chanted “one more song” yet again. However, this time, Eptic was unable to fulfill their collective wish. He did, however, take the time to shake fans hands, sign autographs, and take photos with dozens of people who hung around hoping to meet him after the show.

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Overall it was a great night at Soundgarden Hall. Kudos to Steez for bringing together several of the highly anticipated sets from Moonrise into a highly enjoyable evening. Not only were all of the performances top-notch, but all of the acts were down-to-earth, classy guys who were a pleasure to speak with. They respected the venue, the fans, and the music, and it showed in their time on stage, interaction with the crowd, and in our conversations with them. We hope to see all of these guys back in Philly soon!

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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