Philadelphia Feasts on Hip-Hop Thanksgiving Eve Courtesy of Doomtree


Doomtree "Wings & Teeth" Tour

Thanksgiving Eve is traditionally a big night for bars and clubs in Philadelphia and around the rest of the country. Instead of heading to one of the hundreds of parties around the city, Independent Philly headed to “The Church” at 21st and Chestnut to catch a concert by Minnesota’s hip-hop collective “Doomtree”. We weren’t the only ones.


Cecil Otter

We were especially excited to see this show after interviewing Doomtree member “Lazerbeak” earlier this week ( This is the first time all seven members of Doomtree have toured together. They have been crisscrossing the country showcasing their talents individually and together in a show that lasts over two and a half hours! Few shows give you that much bang for your buck.


Paper Tiger
1's & 2's

The crowd at The Church was upbeat and energetic, ready to spend their night rocking out (instead of running into a bar full of people they didn’t like in high-school and probably don’t like now). The Church space isn’t expansive but the acoustics are surprisingly good. It can get pretty crowded (and downright hot in the summer) but the chilly air outside made it just the right temperature inside.


Mike Mictlan

The members of Doomtree, Cecil Otter, Lazerbeak, P.O.S., Dessa, Paper Tiger, Sims, & Mike Mictlan performed individual hits before taking the stage together. Although we enjoyed the individual acts, it was once they all took the stage together that the magic began. Their chemistry on stage is undeniable, their love for their music and for each other, infectious.


Lazerbeak 2
Cecil Otter 2
P.O.S. 2

Their enthusiasm on stage was matched by their fans in the crowd. Everyone was having a wonderful time.

On this Thanksgiving Eve we were happy to be in the middle of it all.

The show started at 8PM and by the time it ended close to 11PM we were stuffed full of good vibes, sick beats, tasty rhymes, and cranberry sauce.


Crowd Shot
Crowd Shot 2

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