Pendulum, Bro Safari, and Mord Fustang: EDM Feast at Soundgarden Hall

Sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday was Saturday, the 24th of November.

EDM fans looking for a sweet deal headed to Soundgarden Hall for a triple helping of headliners. This feast of top notch talented didn’t feature any leftovers, just five fresh-to-death sets cooked up especially for the Saturday night crowd.

The night kicked off with some audible appetizers served up by locals BHB (Actual Records) and LoveCityDJs (House of Hearts) who satisfied the early comers while leaving everyone hungry for more. If Soundgarden Hall was a turkey then the fans were the stuffing, quickly packing the place from wall to wall once the doors opened at 830pm.

After 2 hours, Mord Fustang took over on the decks. Having headlined a recent show in Philly just a few weeks ago, Mord was back to provide the first course of the evening, a sweet casserole of electro and dubstep. Fans ate it up but seemed to become only more ravenous as they raged from the front of the stage to the back of the venue.

Things would only get more wild from here, Bro Safari style. As you would see on an actual safari, there was no shortage of different species, or genres, of EDM on display. From Moombahton to House, Dubstep to Glitch, Bro Safari mixed it all together like a jello mold filled with fruit and nuts, and then gelled it perfectly. Even the presentation, garnished with dancers and stage performers, was excellent. It was delicious.

Finally it was time for dessert, and what better treat to sweeten up an already savory evening than a headlining set by Drum & Bass champions, Pendulum. Just when you thought the pumpkin pie couldn’t get any better, out came an unexpected scoop of ice cream in the form of vocalist Rob Swire. The place went absolutely bonkers.

This is one event that was all gravy!

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