Paul Oakenfold Rocks the Decks at Whisper

When we heard that Paul Oakenfold was coming to town to play a gig at Whisper nightclub on Friday, April 6th, we were pretty excited.

After catching him at No Sugar Added at Nikki Beach in Miami last month, we were happy to have a chance to see him on our home turf.

Whisper has a great sound-system and a DJ booth at crowd level on the main floor. It’s an ideal setting for a superstar DJ like Oakenfold, some might even call it Perfecto.

We had a blast the last time we were at Whisper to see another legendary DJ, Green Velvet.

This time however, things were a little different. Evidently this was the night that every idiot in Philadelphia decided Whisper was the place to be. It was like walking into the middle of a classless flash mob.

While the music that Oakenfold played was top-notch, it was difficult to enjoy it with everything going on around you. No matter where you stood, people blatantly pushed and shoved (without so much as an “excuse me”). They clamored to get into VIP areas, or smash up against the DJ booth. We got the distinct impression that people weren’t there as much to enjoy the music as to feel an unwarranted sense of entitlement and self-importance.

Oakenfold, protected in the DJ booth cocoon, pumped out a great selection of tracks that kept everyone on the dance floor grinding, fist pumping, and “dancing”.

Although the party at Whisper continued until 3:30am, we called it quits about an hour before hand.

Our final grade: A+ for music, A for venue, F for crowd.

Check out the photo gallery below:

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