Passion Pit, No Longer a Little Secret, Sells Out Electric Factory

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Sometimes, when you’ve attended hundreds (if not thousands) of concerts, some of them can run together into a big blur. Then there are those concert moments that are so special, that they are burned into your memory for the rest of your life. You not only remember the music, but the weather, the air temperature, the smells, the crowd…the entire experience.

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That was the case the first time we caught one of our favorite bands, Passion Pit, live in concert. Their sunset performance on the first night of Coachella 2010 will forever go down as one the most magical concert moments we can remember.

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Since that time, we’ve seen them play several shows in Philly including the Mann Center, the Liacouras Center, and at Made in America festival. While no Passion Pit show will never be quite as magical as our first one (you never forget your first), we could see them perform over and over again, week in and week out, and it just wouldn’t get old.

That’s why we were thrilled when they rolled into Philly on Thursday night, November 29th to play a show at the Electric Factory (originally scheduled for the Liacouras Center) with support from opening act Ra Ra Riot.

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Often times venues fill in slowly leading up to the headliners, but Ra Ra Riot had the Electric Factory nearly filled by the time they hit the stage around 830pm.

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Lead singer Wes Miles and the re re rest of Ra Ra Riot opened the show with “Too Too Too Fast” which was a little ironic because their set seemed to go by entirely too quickly. After 11 songs, they left the stage (ending with “I Shut Off” and “Boy”) but don’t fret Philly, Ra Ra Riot will be back in the not so distant future to headline their own show at Union Transfer.

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We thoroughly enjoyed seeing Ra Ra Riot (bonus points to any bands that incorporate the violin) and look forward to their next visit to our city.

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After a short break for the stage change over, Passion Pit emerged to a roar of cheers from the legions of fans that packed the Factory. Opening with “Take a Walk”, the first single released from their 2012 album “Gossamer”, they had fans singing along and dancing from the first note of the night until the last.

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Lead singer Michael Angelakos has a simply amazing falsetto voice that is undeniably infectious. Add to that the insanely catchy electro-pop tunes that Passion Pit produces and you have the perfect storm of tunes to shake your ass to. Don’t try to resist, it’s futile.

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Their 13 song set included some of our favorites like “The Reeling”, “Let Your Love Grow Tall”, and “I’ll Be Alright”, before ending with perhaps their most well known tune “Sleepyhead”. We would have loved to have heard “Better Things”, but it was not to be.

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After leaving the stage the band quickly returned for a fantastic two-song encore of “Moth’s Wings” and “Little Secrets”. As confetti streamers poured from the ceiling and lasers shot across the venue, the band’s energy on stage was easily matched by that of the crowd.

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Once a little New England secret, the cat has long since leaped out of the bag with Passion Pit and we look forward to their continued success that is sure to bring them back to town before too long.

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You can view a full set list and expanded photo gallery below (click thumbnails to enlarge photos):


Take a Walk

The Reeling

To Kingdom Come

It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy

Carried Away

Let Your Love Grow Tall

Eyes as Candles

Constant Conversations

Mirrored Sea

Live to Tell the Tale

Folds in Your Hands

Love Is Greed

I’ll Be Alright



Moth’s Wings

Little Secrets

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