The Partysquad and Actual Records Crew at the TLA

The Partysquad and Actual Records kicked off Fall with a bang on Saturday, September 21st with an all out party at the TLA on South Street.

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Philadelphia is in the midst of a musical boom at the moment and there were several different events all taking place around the city on the same night. However, this was the place we chose to be for the first ever Philadelphia appearance from the Mad Decent duo from Amsterdam.

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With a steady rain falling outside (after a week of picture perfect weather) the night kicked off at 830pm with DJ Ruxbin, the man behind Actual Records dropping an all vinyl set for the few people who were on hand when the doors opened. We thoroughly enjoyed his eclectic track selection which included everything from Santigold to Simon & Garfunkel to The Partysquad.

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Ethan Dubb took over next, also playing for a mostly empty room as fans were slow to arrive due to the poor weather conditions. Those that were on hand pressed up close to the stage to rock out to E-Dubb’s set or chilled at the back of the room where the Bodypaint.Me crew was set up providing complementary body painting.

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Shane Sixten was up next and was joined for a time on stage by MC Buddy Leezle. With some extra room on the dance floor we saw one of the first break-dance circles we’ve seen in a while form in the middle of the room.

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Almost everyone on the dance-floor seemed captivated by the dance circle, adverting their eyes from the stage. Grumpy Cat was not impressed though, evidenced by his scowling face as he brooded on stage.


LoveCityDJs, one of the founding fathers of the Twurkaholics movement, took over from there and dropped one of his hip-hop infused sets for which he has garnered much attention over the past year. The venue continued to fill up, albeit slowly, but everyone who walked through the doors quickly dried off and was getting down.

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Architekt slid onto the decks following LCD and with some support from his Oddzilla partner in crime, G-Buck, kept the party going. As Oddzilla was going to be performing later in the night at the after-party, Architekt held back some of his Oddzilla bangers from his TLA set but still managed to work in a few to the delight of the crowd.

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Bridging the gap between the Actual Records crew and the headliners was BHB. He wasted no time kicking things up a notch with some heavy bass infused electro bangers that had fans bouncing. We loved his set and wish it would have lasted longer.

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Finally, it was time for The Partysquad to debut in Philly. The Dutch duo is aptly named. They brought 110% to the stage, instantly kicking the party into full throttle. Rocking the mic, dropping the bass, and even their pants at one point during “Pants Down”, The Partysquad came prepared to pull out all the stops with an arsenal of choice tracks.

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Blending the Dutch house sound with elements of trap, bass, electro, and pretty much everything in between, The Partysquad’s set reminded us of the Hollertronix sound that Diplo and Low Budget championed in Philadelphia at the turn of the century. It was funky, it was filthy, it was downright grimy.

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The party continued until almost 2am at which point it was time for the after-partysquad consisting of Jack Deezl, Victor Niglio, Oddzilla, and members of the Mad Decent family to take over.

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Personally, we would have liked to see the attendance at this event a little higher (it certainly deserved to be). This isn’t because a venue needs to be packed in order for the night to be fun. The music was on point and everyone at the TLA had a great time. We just like to see smaller, independent events get the support that they deserve. Independent Philly throws our support to events large and small. We cover everything from warehouse parties to the largest festivals on Earth. Here in our backyard, we have watched the underground become the main stream, and witnessed a new underground emerge. While some events are about huge big-room names and top money production, others are about bringing you top-notch talent, at an affordable price, without all of the bells and whistles. Both types of events have a place in today’s music world, and it’s important to support all of the great parties that Philly has to offer. In our opinion, Saturday was quite a night, and most definitely a party that we’re glad we didn’t miss!

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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