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On a recent trip to Austin, TX, we decided to change up our normal airport routine. In the past, we have always relied on either a cab/car/van service to take us to the airport, or put the burden on a friend or family member to deliver us, and our luggage, on time to our airport terminal. This time around, we decided to give ‘Park & Jet‘, a long term parking airport solution, a try.

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Park & Jet is located a few minutes from the airport at 76 Industrial Highway, Essington, PA 19029. Upon arrival, we took a ticket and proceeded to find a parking space in their large outdoor, fenced in, parking lot. Because you park your own vehicle, there is no need to leave your keys with anyone. We barely had a chance to remove our suitcases from the car before a shuttle appeared at our spot and a friendly attendant loaded our luggage into the back. We hopped on board the air-conditioned shuttle, which already had a few other patrons on board, and the driver gave us a card with the location of our car on it so we wouldn’t forget upon our return. The driver then asked everyone which gate they were flying out of, and with that, we were off to the airport. It took only minutes to arrive at our terminal (and we were one of the last ones to be dropped off) and the driver unloaded our bags and got us on our way in a very timely manner.

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Six days later, we arrived back in Philly, picked up our suitcases from the baggage claim, and waited outside at the parking shuttle stop. Within 10 minutes, a shuttle arrived, once again with a friendly driver who loaded all of our bags into the back, and whisked us back to our car. Honestly the whole process couldn’t have been easier. Park & Jet costs $14.95 if you just drive up, but if you book online you can park for just $8.95 per day! Good luck getting to and from the airport in a cab or Uber for less than that.


After our experience with Park & Jet, we will definitely be using them again in the future and have no problem recommending them to all of you! Phone: (610) 521-6247

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