Paper Diamond, Loudpvck, and Gent & Jawns at The TLA

The TLA packed fans in on Thursday, February 6th for another great night of music featuring ‘Gent & Jawns’, ‘Loudpvck’, and headliner, ‘Paper Diamond’. The night also included an opening set by Actual Records head-honcho, Aaron Ruxbin.

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Ruxbin kicked off with a set that wasn’t quite as eclectic as some of the recent ones we’ve heard from him. Although he didn’t keep us guessing quite as much (to what he might play next) from one song to the next, his track selection was still on point (just a tad more genre specific than we’re used to from the curly haired curator of vinyl).

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He was, of course, joined by MC Buddy Leezle, who was sporting a fresh new look and spitting some even fresher verses. This paring will be back at the TLA on February 27th for their Twurkaholics party with headliner, Hucci.

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Up next was Gent & Jawns who we’ve seen a few times in the past and always enjoy. Billy the Gent and Long Jawns have some mega hits like ‘Vibrate’ and ‘TURNUP’ to their credit, not to mention a slew of remixes for everyone from Diplo, to Datsik, to Bare. When this duo is behind the decks they throw down with a ton of energy and definitely had the TLA rocking on Thursday night.

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Following Gent & Jawns was another duo who’s been making some big waves as of recently, Loudpvck (pronounced Loudpack for you novices). Kenny Beats & Ryan Marks are instrumental in running the trap, with killer remix after killer remix, and that’s exactly what they had the crowd at the TLA doing for the entirety of their set.

Finally it was time for Paper Diamond to take over for the remainder of the evening. He hit the stage basked in a mix of dark lighting and an abundance of fog. Paper Diamond’s sound is more melodic and ambient than the acts who proceeded him.

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However, the man is nothing if not versatile, and he can certainly drop the bass when it’s warranted. Don’t take our word for it, check out this recent mix he did for ‘Diplo & Friends’ below.

DSC_8482 copyDSC_8395 copy

With a mic in one hand and a iPad (with Touch OSC controlling Ableton) in the other, he took the crowd on a musical journey worthy of one of his larger festival performances. It was simply another great night of music at the TLA and we’re looking forward to catching Paper Diamond on the festival circuit all summer long!

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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