OWSLA Presents Good Times Miami with Skrillex and the OWSLA Crew

There is so much more to Miami Music Week than Ultra Music Festival.  We would even argue that you will have a better time going to the day and after parties versus only going to Ultra.  Why?  You can find one of a kind lineups, the events are more intimate, the crowds are less stressful, the food can be better, and you can get a more authentic sense of what Miami has to offer.  A prime example of the gloriousness that is Miami Music Week would be Good Times Miami.  The OWSLA sponsored event featured a lineup unlike your wildest imagination, with crazy back to back sets music fans could only dream of, with a very anti-South Beach vibe.


Although Good Times Miami ran both Wednesday and Thursday, March 26/27 during Miami Music Week, we only had the chance to check out the second day of the event.  Even though we only got to see day 2, that was all we needed to know that Good Times Miami lived up to its name.


Good Times Miami took place in Wynwood, a vibrant neighborhood in North Miami that is home to some of the best street art in the world.  An entire block was closed off for the event, with the stage located on a lot in the middle of the street.  There were food vendors galore on the street, and within the lot, beer pong tables, a mini-golf course, hammocks, and corn-hole.  The entire event threw off good vibes from the moment you arrived, and it almost felt like you were at a block party.




Annie Mac, the host of multiple widely popular radio 1 shows, was the first artist we got to hear.  We only had a chance to catch a little bit of her set, as we were exploring the event grounds and sampling the food, but we liked the groovy sounds that we heard.  Hopefully she will make a stop in Philly in the near future.  


After Annie Mac, Jack Beats took over, who turned things up a bit from Annie Macs more relaxed set.  We think it is fair to say that we have yet to hear an artist on the OWSLA label that we were not impressed with.


Jack Beats laid down a great set, but then again, everyone that we heard did.  We are a huge fan of their newly released tracks Beatbox and Ill Shit, and loved hearing the tunes dropped during their set.  It seemed the crowd did too, as more and more people flocked from the “Leisure Sport” activities and made there way to the stage.


The next act of the night was none other than Kill The Noise back to back with Zeds Dead.  We have had the chance to cover both Kill The Noise and Zeds Dead when they were in Philly, but a special back to back set between the two powerhouse acts is something very few people can say they have seen.  


The tag team set was nothing less then incredible.  The two acts paired off each others song selections incredibly well and dropped a few tracks we are still left trying to ID.


The final act of the night was another incredible back to back set, featuring OWSLA god-father Skrillex alongside What So Not, with special guest Chance the Rapper.  Having just had the chance to cover What So Not in Philadelphia during the Death To Genres tour with GTA, and having loved his performance then, we couldn’t wait to catch What So Not alongside Skrillex. 


Not so much a disappointment, but more of an ongoing confusion, is the fact that each time we have seen What So Not, only Emoh is present.  Not sure if it is a relationship like that with Bassjackers, where one member produces and the other tours, or that Harley, the other member of the group, has too hectic of a schedule, but we have yet to see What So Not perform with both members present.


Just like with Kill The Noise and Zeds Dead, Skrillex and What So Not’s back to back set was absolutely awesome.  With Skrillex fresh off the release of his new album Recess, (which was #1 in iTunes at the time of the show), and What So Not fresh off the release of hit tracks like Jaguar and Tell Me (Featuring RL Grime), the two artists had plenty of material to interlace and weave into an incredible set.


Towards the end of the night (around 10:45pm), Skrillex brought out Chance the Rapper to perform Coast is Clear off of Skrillex’s recent album Recess.  Seeing Chance the Rapper perform live with Skrillex was a huge treat, and just another overall highlight of our time at Miami Music Week.


For the final song of the night, Skrillex and What So Not jumped up onto the DJ booth dressed in animal onesies, while people (also dressed in animal onsies) danced madly around the stage, all while the song Africa blasted.  Skrillex professed his love to the crowd and thanked everyone for coming out, explaining that he wanted something very “anti-South Beach” (Ironic since he played at Mansion the next night…) that had “good music, good times, and good food”.  Overall, we would agree 100% that Skrillex and OWSLA delivered not only good, but great music, great times, and great food.

[Photos & Article by: Steve Garfinkel Photography]

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