Ow Ow Ow, The OWSLA Tour Hits Philly

The OWSLA Tour descended on Philadelphia on Sunday, November 18th for a crazy night of electric beats at the Theater of the Living Arts.

The night, presented by Steez Promo, kicked off early with opening sets by DJ Ruxbin and Jack Deezl (both from Actual Records). Both of these fellas know how to warm up a crowd and paved the way nicely for the OWSLA talent.

Seven Lions was up first and wasted no time in getting the venue bumping. The TLA was filled nicely and everyone was getting down, us included. You definitely want to check this guy out if he isn’t on your radar already.

Next up was Birdy Nam Nam which was a real treat for us since they are some of our favorite producers/DJs on the scene today. These four Frenchmen started out as sick turntablilists, winning the DMC World Championships on more than one occasion.

From there they hit the studio and began pumping out some sweet down-tempo tunes which eventually morphed into more of an electro sound.

Their sound on stage was magical as they worked seamlessly together creating minimal sounds that were so filthy we almost couldn’t contain ourselves.

The somewhat younger crowd seemed somewhat confused at first, not sure what to do with music that didn’t feed their jones for constant bass-drops, but they soon came to appreciate it. We would have no problem saying that this was our favorite set of the night.

After Birdy Nam Nam, it was time for Monsta to take over and they took hold of the crowd and did not let go. Their set began with DJ duo Rocky & Rufio giving fans the big time bass-drops they had been craving. It was almost harsh in juxtaposition to the set before it.

The harshness didn’t last long. The DJs were soon joined by their live singer Skaar, whose vocals were nothing short of stunning. As a trio these guys are crazy talented and we dug their set immensely.

The headliner for the evening was Kill The Noise, but if you weren’t paying attention you might have thought it was Dillion Francis as KTN dropped numerous Francis tracks in his first hour on the decks.

He definitely got the place jumping, engaging the crowd with the mic and an onslaught of bass. Wrapping up just before 2am, the OWSLA tour was a event we hope you didn’t miss.

As true EDM fans, it offered  a wide selection of sounds  that are absent at many shows these days. Well played OWSLA, well played.

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