Oliver Heldens at Soundgarden Hall

While we used to frequent the venue on a weekly basis when it first opened (covering numerous events there every month), we don’t make it out to Soundgarden Hall too often these days. This past Saturday (November 7th), we returned to Soundgarden Hall on Delaware Ave where we got to catch Philly’s first visit from the dirty dutch-shuffling DJ/producer: Oliver Heldens. At 20 year old, Oliver’s meteoric rise over the past year has been nothing short of game changing as he has played a major role in completely revitalizing the classic sound of deep house electronic music.

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Most notably you may recognize Oliver Heldens from his hit single “Gecko (Overdrive) ft. Becky Hill” which reached #1 on the charts in the UK. He also curates a weekly podcast titled “Heldeep Radio” and even has his own record label “Heldeep Records” on which he has released two tracks under his alias “HI-LO”.

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Opening for Heldens, we got the chance to catch local favorites SALVO, Blueshift, and PS 118. Arriving just after 9:30 PM, we were lucky enough to catch a snippet of Blueshift (of Nurvous Records). Bringing his distinct flavor of Deep House/UK Garage he was able to set a solid bass-line for the early shufflers on the dance floor. As it came closer to 10:30PM, SALVO took the stage alongside Blueshift with a seamless transition into his dark and deep set that prepared everyone for Oliver Heldens who was set to come on at midnight.

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As it reached 11:45 PM, Soundgarden Hall was packed wall-to-wall so much so that it was fogging up our lenses when we went out into the crowd to take photos! Heldens took the decks, starting out with his new debut track “Wombass” on which he teamed up with the legendary Tiesto. One of the biggest highlights of his set was when he dropped his HI-LO mashup of Mr Oizo vs Beastie Boys – “Flat Beat Intergalactic” which he recently featured on Heldeep Radio #075 as a Heldeep Radio Classic.

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Ending his set, Heldens came out to shuffle on stage to his mashup of Galantis “Runaway” mixed with his very own hit “Melody”. All in all, SoundGarden Hall proved to be the ideal destination for this latest dose of dark and dirty deep house music and we hope to see Oliver Heldens return to Philly in the near future!

[Photo credit: DS Photography]

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