ODESZA at Johnny Brenda’s

Seattle, the city that once brought us Kurt Cobain, Pearl Jam, and all things grunge, has a new generation, with a new sound, pulsing out of the Pacific Northwest. This sound is the future.

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Riding the high of their recently released sophomore LP ‘In Return’, Seattle electronic duo ODESZA’s performance at Johnny Brenda’s on Wednesday, October 1st was exactly what we’d expected: a stellar show that stimulated all five senses.

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The sold out show was one of the highlights so far this Autumn.

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The capacity crowd at the always-intimate Johnny Brenda’s was cheering for ODESZA before they even hit the stage. Under the lasers, front and center, were the die hard fans. You know these people: they were the first to arrive at the venue and the first to be swinging and swaying to the synth laden melodies that Odesza creates. They included stylish fashionistas who mouthed every lyric, pompadour haircut boys bouncing around, and a cute couple hidden in the smoke clouds making out. ODESZA brought just what was promised; a beat catching, groove inducing performance with visuals so heavy that it had fans in an altered state of mind. Nothing short of amazing happened here.

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From the start of their sexy and dream-trap infused track “Keep Her Close” to the soulful and grind-worthy breakthrough single (that got them buzzing) “Say My Name”, ODESZA made sure to keep the dance floor shaking but kept room for some notable ambient like songs you could catch a breath to while still tapping your feet.

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The indie/disco dance beats mixed with the shoulder bounce that is so prevalent in Trap, makes for a winning combination and is a big reason that this electronic act is one to keep an eye on heading into 2015.

[Article by Chris Donahue. Photos by Dan Drufovka]

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