Odesza at The Electric Factory

We arrived at the Electric Factory on Tuesday, November 21, for the sold-out Odesza show, as Sofi Tukker was playing on stage and the venue was already packed. This was the second night of a three-night run of Odesza shows at the Factory. From the majority of people swaying to the music, it was easy to say that Sofi Tukker was doing a great job of warming the crowd up. Their way of interacting with the sea of fans was vibrant and welcoming, a fine balance between laid back and uptempo. Although many people seemed to be enjoying themselves, many were impatient; the anticipation for Odesza to come on was clearly running high.

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After about 15 minutes for a set break, the lights dimmed, the stage slowly lit up with a projection of a space station spinning in outer space, and the intro to Odesza’s new album ‘A Moment Apart’ began playing. Almost every fan we could see was screaming with excitement and the roar of the crowd began to drown out the music, albeit briefly. Two horn players walked up onto high platforms placed on both sides of the stage, followed by Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, and then the drumline made their entrance standing below them.

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From that point, things progressed rather quickly. We were immensely impressed by the visuals; the lighting, projection videos, patterns, themes and color selections that matched every melody, beat, and song theme perfectly. It was reminiscent me of the ‘Don’t Think live concert DVD’ from ‘The Chemical Brothers’.

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The drumline and horn players came on and off stage throughout the show, adding an extra element to the live performance that is not easily felt just by listening to the albums. Their choreographed movements also drew you deeper into the show.

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Each song flowed smoothly and effortlessly into the next, with subtle pauses of blackouts, followed by enchanting keyboard melodies, majestic horns, and immense amounts of bass. We were happy for the fact that they didn’t constantly feel the need to vocally engage with the crowd, letting the music speak for itself instead; boy did that work!

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After a thrilling journey, the dreaded end of Odesza’s set arrived and, as they walked off stage, the crowd chanted for one more song. Odesza reappeared and ended their encore with a bang: ‘Corners of the Earth’ and ‘It’s Only’. I don’t think anyone was ready for it to be over.

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Odesza puts on a distinguished show, filled with emotion, that will leave a lasting imprint on your mind and heart for years to come. We believe it’s something everyone should experience at least once. Props to Odesza and crew for putting in the effort and creativity to perform a show worth every penny of the price of admission. We hope to see them back in Philly before long.

[Photos by Dylan Long]

[Article by Veronica Searles]

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