Nit Grit and Two Fresh Bring Lights & Lazer Extravaganza to TLA

Friday night was a miserable rainy night in Philadelphia but that didn’t stop us from trekking to the Theater of the Living Arts to check out Nit Grit and Two Fresh and their amazing light and laser show.

The evening kicked off with an opening set by local favorite Dubsef before local contest winner BUKU got a chance to wow the crowd.

Normally, a show tends to start off with a smaller crowd at the beginning of the evening and build as the night goes on. For some reason, this show went the other way.

While there was a decent sized crowd around 10pm when Dubsef and BUKU traded places, the crowd didn’t seem to get much bigger.

By the time Nit Grit took to the stage to officially usher in The NOANTIDOTE Tour to Philadelphia, the place had actually thinned out a little bit. Nit Grit was on point for the next hour and the light and laser show on stage was mind blowing. It seemed like everyone was having a good time but the crowd continued to shrink.

There was a break between Nit Grit and Two Fresh and that was not a smart idea. We’re not sure who was responsible but instead of keeping the energy high and bass drops down low, there was just a solid 15 minutes of buzz kill. House music (some Indy Rock that we didn’t recognize) came over the house speakers. To go from Nit Grit’s Dubstep set and ridiculous light show, to listening to mellow rock music while the stage sat empty was enough to drive even more people from the venue.

When Two Fresh finally took the stage around 1230am, the crowd was the smallest it had been all evening. It would get smaller.

Twin brothers Sherwyn and Kendrick Nicholls, and their live drummer Colby Buckler must have been pretty surprised to see such a small crowd when they took to the stage with their upbeat brand of hip-hop infused electronica. The live drumming, combined with the beats, synths, and lyrics of the Nicholls brothers are infectious.

Despite the fact that the crowd continued to thin, Two Fresh didn’t back off or let up on their performance. They brought it for the next 75 minutes. Less professional acts might have been discouraged but if Two Fresh was disappointed they hid it well. We enjoyed their performance, staying until the very end.

You can check out an expanded photo gallery of the show below:

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