NGHTMRE & G. Jones at The TLA

Some true talent came to South Street on Friday, April 1st as ‘NGHTMRE’ rolled through town on his ‘Lighters Up’ Tour.  This stop on the tour at The Theatre of Living Arts (TLA) came with the special guest ‘G Jones’.  Over the last few years both NGHTMRE and G Jones have seen major growth to the point where they are both currently headlining tours.  The timing of the two tours overlapping for this stellar event was a true treat for those in attendance.  These two, along with Twurkaholics, and Patrick Richards, showed the Philadelphia crowd a night of bumping beats.

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Patrick Richards started the night with a energetic set chained together with smooth mixing. Patrick Richards has been getting his name onto more lineups lately and his skills are undeniably growing.  This hometown kid had an energetic and bouncy feel that started the night off right.

The second opener of the night, Twurkaholics took the energy of the early crowd and kept it going.  The crowd started to fill out during Twurkaholics set as the night progressed.  A high energy set ensued that prepared the crowd for an epic night of music.  As the end of their set approached, the anticipation for G Jones could be felt in the room.

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As darkness blanketed the TLA, a large crowd waited anxiously for any tones to seep out of the speakers marking the beginning of G Jones’ set.  Once these tones could be heard the crowd went into an uproar.  Within minutes the crowd was swaying forward and backward to the experimental bass sound G Jones was throwing down.  Such crowd control can only be compared to a bass king like Bassnectar.  G Jones displayed the highest energy of any of the acts to grace the stage.  A constant bounce and bob could be seen by the young producer as he relentlessly attacked the crowd with a constant flow of heavy tunes.  Much of the ‘That Odd’ EP was dropped throughout the night, along with some older G Jones tunes.  Some new tunes with Minnesota, Sayer, and EPROM were featured during his set as well as some unreleased G Jones originals.  Crowd favorites from his set would have to be his collaborations with Bassnectar, especially his remix of “Don’t Hate The 808”.  G Jones utilized his regular black and white dominated visual production which places a higher emphasis on his flawless skills behind the decks.  A sweat-drenched venue chanted “One more song,” for minutes after G Jones had already left the stage, sadly, without an encore.  The crowd could not get enough of G Jones unique sound and energy, but were appeased when NGHTMRE came out for his set.

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The final act of the night truly lit up the venue with a stepped up visual production and variety of musical styles.  NGHTMRE had tough shoes to fill following up that set by G Jones, but successfully took on the role with poise.  The jump from black and white visuals to a full color spectrum really set apart NGHTMRE’s visual production, but his musical skills stood out as well.  A variety of genres were weaved into and out throughout NGHTMRE’s set, always coming back to his distinct sound.  As one could guess, ‘Streets’ was played, but seamlessly flowed into the ‘Streets VIP’, at which time the crowd erupted with energy.  NGHTMRE promoted his new self-title release ‘NGHTMRE’ EP throughout the night by dropping all of the tracks on the six song EP.  ‘Lighters Up’ was most impressive of these tracks as the venue was lit up with lighters and phone flashlights throughout the track.  NGHTMRE dropped some new collaborations with Flux Pavilion, LOUDPVCK, Dillon Francis, Ghastly, and a funky remix for GRIZ.  NGHTMRE also played his upcoming ‘Zelda’ themed collaboration with Jauz (that we first heard when Jauz came to the TLA in February).  All of these tracks built excitement for some future releases to follow up the NGHTMRE EP.  NGHTMRE tore through his set and kept the crowd pumping with energy.  By the end of the night every attendee was a sweaty mess from a night of some hard dancing.  Two headlining sets ripped apart the TLA on Friday which made for an unforgettable night of music.  We all are excited and hopeful that these talented individuals return to stop in our beautiful city.

[Photos by: Josh Campbell Photography]

[Article by Chris Mason]

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