Mt. Eden and Khadafi Dub at Soundgarden Hall

Mt. Eden returned to Soundgarden Hall Friday, August 30th alongside AU5 and Khadafi Dub (Leaf Walker).  Having covered Mt. Eden the last time they were in Philadelphia, we were eager to see what the New Zealand natives were going to bring their second time around.


 When we got to Soundgarden the dance floor was already packed.  It was clear Philadelphians were not taking it easy with the Made in America Festival starting at noon the next day.  


The first act we got the chance to see was local MC Khadafi Dub. As always, he had the crowd riled up and put on an energetic performance that showcased his lyrical talents. 


Up next in the night was Austin Collins, better known by his stage name, AU5.  AU5 is just from across the river in New Jersey, and has been making quite a name for himself recently.  His original mix, “Blossum”, just recently made it to the #1 spot on the Beatport top 100 dubstep chart, and his remix of “Surrounded” is currently sitting in the top 10 as well.


AU5s performance lived up to his reputation for delivering hit tracks with heavy bass.  He had the crowd rocking from start to finish and didn’t look like he wanted to stop playing when it was time for Mt. Eden to take the stage.


Last up for the night was the headliners, Mt. Eden.  Mt. Eden has a lot going for them:  They were recently named an “Artist to Watch” by MTV, played at Electric Zoo the following day, and have a pending record to be released.


Mt Eden put on the most energetic and lively performance of the night.  The duo split time DJing and MCing/pumping up the crowd.


There wasn’t a single moment during Mt Edens set that did not have the crowd going nuts.  All the way up until the show ended, Mt. Eden proved to Philly once again why they are not just artists to watch, but artists to follow.

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