Mord Fustang Kucking Fills it at Starlight Ballroom

On Saturday night, as Philadelphia basked in the glory of an NLDS game 1 win by the Phillies, electronic music fans were treated to the sounds of DJ’s Mord Fustang and Dillon Francis at the Starlight Ballroom. The event, which was presented by Art of Electronica, Mad Decent, and Plasmapool, also featured opening sets by Dubsef, Dirty South Joe, and Khadafi Dub.

The Starlight Ballroom is a little off the beaten path but the venue features an expansive dance-floor (surrounded by booth seating), a 21+ area for those who want to consume alcohol, and they even serve food until about 1am.

The opening DJ’s got started just after 9pm and did a good job of warming up the room as the crowd, and anticipation for the headliners, continued to grow.

Digital light poles and two stunning ladies with glowing hula-hoops added the perfect visuals on stage and were matched by the glow-sticks and light-gloves of many people dancing in the crowd.

Dillon Francis was everything we had heard he would be. His set was top-notch from start to finish. The crowd danced and danced. A few of them (in the front row) even bowed down to the DJ. He was that good.

As the rain drops fell outside, the killer beats dropped inside.

Mord Fustang stepped in seamlessly around 1230am and wasted no time picking up right where Dillon Francis left off. For the next 90 minutes Mord Fustang Kucking Filled it! His style of music could make anyone dance. Rather, it would make anyone dance. If you’ve got a booty, and you were there, that thing would have been shaking. Big time.

As all good things do, the night came to an end (at 2am), but we’re pretty sure it won’t be long before we see these two tearing up the decks again in Philly. It better not be.

Check out the full photo slide show and some videos of the night below:

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