Moombaholics: Tempo Takeover Edition at District N9ne

Every genre of music has its own rabid following here in Philadelphia. It would be fair to call the fans of Moombahton and Moombahcore, “Moombaholics”, and on Friday the 13th (of June) under a full-moon, the Moombaholics party returned to Philly.

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The latest edition of Moombaholics, labeled “Tempo Takeover”, marked the first time the event was held at District N9ne, but like past events, featured inflatable under-water creatures, body painting from Bodypaint.ME, host MC ‘Buddy Leezle’, and costumed characters like Party Owl.

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The event kicked off around 815pm with an opening B2B set from ‘Ethan Dubb’ & ‘Desafinado’. The two dudes responsible for creating the Moombaholics party, quite literally set the stage for the numerous DJs that followed through-out the night. Although very few people showed up for their set, it didn’t keep them from throwing down and those in the building certainly got a treat from this set.

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Up next was another one of the Moombaholics OG’s, Scranton’s ‘DJ Woogie’. This DJ/producer has developed quite a strong following online (like his 45,000 Twitter followers) and his personality is almost as big as some of the sick beats he dropped on Friday night. He got some sick mixes up on his Soundcloud that you should probably check out right about now. We’ll make it easy for you:

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After Woogie was Brooklyn’s ‘Banginclude’ and the first thing we noticed about him was that the way his logo is stylized, it looks a lot like ‘Bangin dude’. We discussed this for several minutes with our friends in the 21+ section at the back of the venue before returning to the stage to catch up up close. This was our first exposure to Banginclude and he definitely had no shortage of booty music to drop at District N9ne. His set was bangin’, dude.

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Up next was duo ‘Champion Rocka’, consisting of DJ, ‘The R.O.A.R.’, and MC, ‘Vice Royale’. Championing the genres of Moombahton, Zouk, and beyond, Champion Rocka put tweaked the Moombahton sound we’re used to hearing, mixing in other genres and changing things up just enough to put a nice twist on the genre originally created by Dave Nada.

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Champion Rocka gave way to another duo making big waves in the sea of Moombahton, ‘MaxX & EJ’. These sharks have released some deadly good music and have garnered support from the biggest names in the genre since they released their debut album back in 2012. Although there still wasn’t a big crowd on hand, everyone in the building was getting down and having a great time while they were behind the decks.

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Ricky Vaughn has been called the “Moombahton King” on many occasions and it was a treat to have him showcase his skills and musical stylings in Philly on Friday night. Whether you’re a fan of straight Moombahton, Trap, Bass, Hip-hop, or Twerk, Ricky Vaughn has more than a little something for you.

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Everyone at District N9ne, including the other DJs who had played previously (and DJ Sega who showed up during his set) was rocking out to Ricky Vaughn. It was Friday the 13th and Ricky Vaughn was scary good.

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The night ended with a one-hour set (2am-3am) from JSTJR. Unfortunately we had to leave the venue just before his set began but from what we heard, he closed out the night with authority. The Moombaholics crew will be back in action again later this month as part of the massive two-day ‘Trilladelphia’ festival that will take place at several venues (including District N9ne, Trilogy, and MOCA) starting on June 27th. You can check out all of the Trilladelphia details here.

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

[Article by David J. Miller]

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