Moombaholics at Soundgarden Hall with DJ Sabo and Reck

Actual Records brought the second installment of their “Moombaholics” party to Soundgarden Hall on Saturday, August 3rd (the first was back in early March).  With tickets priced at just $10, and a lineup featuring some of the best Moombah artists around, there was no reason for fans to stay at home.  DJ Sabo and DJ Reck were the headliners for the night and were accompanied by Desafinado, Love City DJs, Ethan Dubb and DJ Lara.  The event was hosted by Aaron Ruxbin.


If you have ever been to a “Twurkaholics” show, you are well aware of how packed these events can get.  We were happy to see that the venue was not overflowing when we arrived and that not only was there room inside to dance, but just about everyone inside was dancing. All of the openers did a great job of not only warming up the crowd, but downright rocking the socks off the place.


DJ Reck put on a great set. Much like every other DJ for the night, he had the crowd dancing.  His effortless mixing on the turntables and killer track selection bombarded the crowd from the first song to the last.


Another thing we love about Actual Records’ parties is that the DJs head out into the crowd after their sets to interact with the fans.


After DJ Reck, it was time for the headliner of the night, DJ Sabo, to hit the stage.  DJ Sabo may not be a household name, but in the world of Moombathon, he is Massive.


Having come all the way from Los Angeles, DJ Sabo wasted no time in showing off his DJing skills to the crowd.  The beautiful thing about Moombahton is that it is a combination of so many different elements.  There was a touch of bass, electro, sounds from the islands, funk, soul, reggae and so much more.


We did not know what to expect heading to a show that would only showcase Moombahton tracks.  Would listening to the same genre of music on repeat become repetitive.  The answer? No!  We cannot wait until the next installment of Moombaholics hits Philly!

[Photos by Steve Garfinkel Photography]

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