Moombaholics at Soundgarden Hall Get A Case Of The Munchis

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After their Twurkaholics party sold-out Soundgarden Hall last month, Actual Records returned on Friday, March 8th with a special treat for Moombaholics, the god-father of Moobahcore, Munchi.

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With the stage was decked out in an underwater theme, and Soundgarden Hall’s crazy lights illuminating the dance floor, the evening kicked off with an opening set by Desafinado.

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Fans were a little slower than normal to arrive at the venue but the low turn out early in the evening proved to be no indication of the crowd that would build just a few short hours later.

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Twurkaholic staples Ethan Dubb (9pm-10pm) and LoveCityDJs (10pm-11pm) took over on the tables for the next two hours. In addition to the music there was body painting courtesy of, costumed characters (Kool-Aid Man, Angry Cat, Party Owl) from Funtown Productions, go-go dancers, stage performers, confetti blasts, and a slew of giveaways.

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Around 11pm, when DJ Nappy hit the stage, there seemed to be a sudden influx of people flooding into the venue. Like a school of sharks that sense chum in the water they flocked to the dance-floor, filling it from the front to the back.

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Canada’s GrandTheft hit the decks at midnight. Having played gigs all over North America including rocking over 100,000 fans at Canada Day, and the 2010 Olympics (where he was one of the official DJs), GrandTheft knows how to work a crowd. He had SGH going bonkers.

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The last 90 minutes of the night was owned by the man himself, the headliner, the mogul of Moombahton, Munchi. To say that fans were hungry for Munchi’s performance wouldn’t be accurate. They didn’t have a simple case of the Munchi’s, they were downright ravenous.

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The place went absolutely nuts for the big-haired DJ who had everyone eating out of the palm of his hand. Moombaholics certainly got their fix on this night but we suspect they are already salivating for more.

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[Photos by D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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