Miggs, Parachute, & Plain White T’s: Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

Theatre of the Living Arts

All’s well that starts well. That may not be how the saying goes, but it was certainly how the show went on Saturday night at the Theatre of the Living Arts on South Street as Miggs, Parachute, and Plain White T’s rolled into town.

Crowd Shot

Miggs (Set List)

There was a nice size crowd on hand for the show when we arrived and we were looking foward to an evening filled with good music. When Miggs took the stage to open the show shortly after 8:30PM, fans were ready to get the party started.

Miggs 2
Miggs 3
Miggs 4

Although lead singer Don Miggs was just getting over larynigitis, and told us backstage that he still wasn’t 100%, we couldn’t tell. It was a great set! Not only is this band from the Tampa area easy to rock out to, the guys and their crew are genuine and treat their fans with a great deal of respect (talking to them after the show, signing autographs, etc). It was our second time seeing them, but hopefully not our last.

Miggs 5
Parachute 2

About 30 minutes after Miggs finished their set, Parachute took the stage for the second leg of the show. These twenty-something pop-rockers from Virginia had the girls screaming as they played a number of their own hits along with a cover of Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down”. The infusion of keyboards and saxaphone gave them a surprisingly fresh sound. Having never heard the band peform live before, we were impressed.

Parachute 3
Parachute 4
Parachute 5

After Parachute left the stage, and after what seemed like a lengthy wait, Plain White T’s took the stage for the headlining segment of the night. Unfortunately, it wasn’t worth the wait. We had heard from fans in other cities that Plain White T’s live-show was a lot more upbeat than their albums but it didn’t seem that way in Philadelphia. Often times you see a band live in concert and it makes you like the band even more. Plain White T’s seemed to have the opposite effect on us. While a few songs were decent, every other song seemed to have some lengthy back story about how a broken heart led one of the band members to write it. Yawn. The few times it seemed like they were going to put a little energy into the show, they transitioned right back into a down-tempo, uninspired tune. It was a plain, white, tease.

Parachute 6
Plain White T's

Wanting to hear “Hey There Delilah”, we waited, and waited, until finally Tom Higgenson ventured out into the audience to play the song from the back of the venue to start their encore. As soon as he had finished, we left.

Plain White T's
Plain White T's 3

This tour is really lacking a knockout punch. Miggs and Parachute did a wonderful job of setting the stage for a great headlining set but the Plain White T’s came off more like the Plain White Zzzzzzzzz’s and just didn’t deliver. If you plan on seeing the tour in another city, we’d strongly reccommend that you get their early because the best part of the show comes at the beginning, rolls into the middle, and fizzles out in the end.

Plain White T's 4
Plain White T's 5



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