MEGA Philly with Flux Pavilion, Doctor P, and More at The Fillmore

Ever since Mega Philly was first announced, then postponed (back in October 2015), it was a show that Philly fans had been looking forward to. With such a huge line up, consisting of Architekt, Rain Man, Loudpvck, Doctor P, and headliner Flux Pavilion, it was guaranteed to be a great night. The make up date finally arrived on January 2nd, 2016 at The Fillmore.

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Architekt kicked it off with a great opening set. MC Sharpness (who we’ve been a big fan of ever since the days of Platinum at Fluid) did a great job of including the crowd as the venue filled and the duo showed their appreciation to all the fans that came out early just to catch Architekt’s set. After Architekt, Rain Man took the stage. After resigning from Krewella in 2014, Rain Man faced a lot of controversy but clearly that has not taken anything away from his music. His set was filled with a great mix of head banging instrumentals mixed well with hip-hop samples, as well as some great 90s classics. Each artist had about an hour on stage which really let them show their versatility and to engage the crowd and party along with them.

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Loudpvck was the artist that we were most excited to see since like they have not performed in Philly in a while. The energy that Loudpvck performs with is overwhelming. It is pretty much impossible to stand still. That energy, along with the images that they have projected behind them, really comes together for an action packed set. Looking out from the balcony of the Fillmore, I could see two to three different mosh pits at a time. We were amazed that the crowd never lost any energy throughout the show. If anything, the energy continued to build throughout the night.

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After Loudpvck left the crowd begging for more, Doctor P, took the stage. As he always does, Doctor P nailed it. The way he mixes video game sounds along with very heavy dubstep tracks is amazing. The response he got from the crowd as soon as he dropped his hit “Tetris” was incredible, but the night still was far from over with the headliner, Flux Pavilion, up next.

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When Flux took the stage you could feel the walls of the Fillmore shake. Not only had fans now completely packed both the first and second floor of the Fillmore, but the energy in the room was also at its peak. Flux Pavilion works closely with Doctor P over in the UK so the transition was effortless. Flux has put out some huge records in the past couple years so watching him mix those big hits like “I Can’t Stop” in with some of his new and unreleased music was really a treat. He has been performing live since 2008 and when you see him, you understand why he has been such a success.

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Big ups to Steez Promo for putting together such a great event. We can’t wait for the next show!

[Photos & Article by: Sam Cones]

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