Matt & Kim Shine Bright As They Bring Daylight to Starlight Ballroom

Matt & Kim Having a Great Time on Stage

On Sunday night, with much of Philadelphia trying to make sense of the last twenty-four hours in which the city’s beloved Phillies and Eagles both lost heart-breaking games, the Starlight Ballroom was packed with upbeat, energetic fans who came ready to see their favorite party band “Matt & Kim”.

1, 2...1, 2, 3, 4
All Smiles: Matt
All Smiles: Kim

Independent Philly was thankful that we were there to cover the event (and not just catch the show as fans) because when we arrived the line to enter was so long you literally could not see the end of it from the venue front door (something Matt apologized to fans for during the show).  We had seen Matt & Kim at Coachella and Bamboozle, and wanted to see how their show in front of a much smaller crowd would differ from the mega ones.

Cheers Philadelphia
T-Shirt Sales
Crowd Shot

Matt & Kim’s new CD “Sidewalks” is due out November 2nd and fans who were lucky enough to get into the building  when it first opened (while most of them were ironically waiting outside on the sidewalk to get in) were able to hear all of the new songs during an official listening party. Listening parties will be held before all of their shows in the coming weeks including Monday and Tuesday nights in NYC.

Donnis Reppin the ATL

As the Starlite became more and more filled, you could feel the energy in the room. The feeling was electric. The vibe was clear, “We’re here to have a GREAT time”!

Straight Fire
Give Me a Beat

Just before 9:00 PM, opening act “Donnis” took the stage. We were surprised that Matt & Kim had selected a hip-hop opening act but we weren’t surprised for long. It was clear from the beginning of his set that Donnis was selected because he easily pumped the crowd up with his high-energy (much in the same way the headliners always do).

Matt & Kim
Kim Drumming

As we stood off to the side of the stage, snapping photos, Matt appeared drinking a can of Coke with his trademark smile on his face. We commented that it looked like a great crowd out there and he agreed. 

Things That Make Matt Go Hmmmm

After waiting a few minutes between sets the fans were ready to keep going and a loud “Matt & Kim!” chant echoed through the venue.

Crowd Gets Crazy

The duo took the stage to a roar of excitement and it was on, Philadelphia. ON.

This Bud's For You

We saw guys with their pants off, people dancing on tables, waves of crowd surfers, balloons, and one big, hot, sweaty crowd dancing and singing along to every song. For those who were still depressed about the Phillies loss, Matt, an area native & Phillies fan, wasted little time starting a “#$&! the Giants” chant. We had no choice but to join in.

Kim Prepares to Crowd Surf
Matt Shows Off His 21 & Over Wristband

Matt & Kim Jumped around stage, high-fived fans, drank beers, and told humorous stories as they seemlessly rocked the crowd with their catalog of hits including “Lessons Learned”, “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare”, Yeah, Yeah”, & “Silver Tiles” .

Kim Working the Crowd
Hang Ten Dude

There was only one way for the upbeat party pair to end this night at the Starlight…with a little bit of “Daylight”.

Oh Oh Oh Oh

Stay tuned…we have some exciting new Matt & Kim content coming soon!


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