Madeon at The Trocadero

Madeon brought his ‘Adventure Live Tour’ to the Trocadero on Thursday, April 24. The tour showcases his unique live production and supports his debut album ‘Adventure’. With support from ‘The M Machine’, who were last in Philly on Halloween with The Glitch Mob, the Adventure Live Tour packed the Troc with fans who showed up before 8PM just to get a spot on the railing.

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The M Machine opened the night and set the tone with a bouncy set that got people moving as soon as they walked through the door. By the time their set ended around 10PM, the crowd was ready for Madeon, chanting his name and exploding with noise when the stage techs unveiled his stage set up.

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As Madeon took the stage the crowd quieted down, waiting to see what he had in store for them. As the giant LED screens behind him began to light up, Madeon plunged into his signature funky, nu-disco sound that has earned him fans around the globe. Madeon played through much of his album ‘Adventure’ accompanied by electrifying visuals and a stage presence that is hard to match. The 20 year old wunderkind jumped around repeatedly while still skillfully displaying his live production skills.

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During the last 15 minutes of his set, Madeon lost sound for about a minute. Clearly embarrassed and apologetic, he bowed to the crowd. The crowd responded by chanting his name and smiling. No one rushed him to fix the error, only offered cheers and vibes of encouragement. When the sound kicked back in, a clear look of relief washed over Madeon’s face and the fans were whipped into  almost as big a frenzy as when he first took the stage.

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When Madeon finally left the stage around 11:30PM, everyone in the audience departed with a smile, talking about how that was some of the best live productions they had ever witnessed. All in all the night left nothing to be desired; Madeon delivered exactly what the crowd had expected and then some.

[Photo credit: Conor Gray]

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