Mac Sabbath Drive Thru Metal tour Pops-Up for Halloween at HMAC

Mac Sabbath perform on HMAC’s Herr Stage Halloween Weekend.

Photos and Article by @A.J.Kinney

Two things you couldn’t do in Harrisburg last week; See a Black Sabbath concert, or find a McDonald’s with a working shake machine. There was no need to grimace; mix the two together and heavy metal fans got to shake it at HMAC to the sights and sounds of Mac Sabbath.

Hungry to bite off more than we could chew, my brother and I headed downtown to relish in all the haunting festivities. Making our way down 3rd St we noticed many mortals dressed in creative costumes already celebrating the pagan holiday. Having seen Mac Sabbath prior, I knew that their live show would be a special treat for my brother who had no idea what to expect going into the night.

Earlier this month, Mac Sabbath set off on their nationwide tour in support of their Pop-Up LP ‘Drive Thru Metal’. Many of the songs had been cult classics for years, and notable staples of their live performance each night. As the band stepped onstage, the room instantaneously filled with smoke, and like many of their creepy music videos it felt like you transcended into a fast food nightmare.

Crowd participation was mandatory as the band segued flawlessly through their catalog of parodies. The night wouldn’t have been complete without Ronald McOsbourne’s gut-busting gags such as squirting condiments at the crowd, jests at rival fast food chains, and even drinking a patrons beer out of a giant plastic straw. The band’s Sooper-sized imagery complete with an entourage of characters; Slayer McCheese, Catburgler, and Grimalice, helped guide you through a fantastically bad-trip of gluttonous proportions. I particularly enjoyed Mac Sabbath’s renditions “Frying Pan”, “Organic Funeral”, and “Sweet Beef”. The show lasted just over an hour, and left my brother and I hungry for more. We certainly plan to see these heavy meatllers next time they are in town, but until then a drive thru near you will have to do.

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