Local Spotlight: Nick Louis

Nick Louis, Night on the Sun Band, in Philly by Jen Strogatz

Our first artist hailing from Brooklyn to be featured in the local spotlight is none other than Nick Louis (Night on the Sun Band), the amazing young singer-songwriter with truly distinctive vocals and mesmerizingly haunting lyrics.

[ Written by Jen Strogatz | Photos by Jen Strogatz ]

A little while back, Nick Louis came out to meet with Independent Philly. He made the trek all the way to Philly from a very far away place that some may or may not have heard of, called Brooklyn. With guitar in hand, Nick and I met and walked around the park in Rittenhouse Square. Walking past an eye catching bright purple door, we had to stop to film Nick playing his (then unreleased) new single, Play Pretend. It is a song that is so well composed that it is chilling while also maintaining its catchiness. Actually so much so that it remained on loop in my head for weeks to come. That day it was declared that Nick’s about as close to the Elliott Smith of 2019 as (I feel) that one could get.

Night on the Sun Band Bio:

“Night on the Sun is an alternative pop outfit based in Brooklyn, New York. NOTS is focused on crafting songs that capture the earnestness of one person alone in a room with a guitar, while still providing energetic and lush accompaniment within the arrangements. As a “melody first” project, NOTS is interested in producing confessional and unexpected verses next to cathartic and communal choruses. The mission statement for the group has always been to create music that is memorable and sticky, yet always vulnerable and affecting.”

So here it is… The newly released single and our favorite song by Nick and Night on the Sun, Play Pretend!
Play Pretend by Night on the Sun. Video Production by Jen Strogatz.

Hear more from Nick and Night On The Sun on: Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

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