Little Daylight at World Cafe Live

Take a moment to think about all of those bands who have blown up over the past few years, going from almost obscurity to a household name in what seems like the blink of an eye. Friends will tell stories about how they saw them in some tiny bar, nightclub, or concert venue playing for a few dozen (or a few hundred) people. By the time you got wind of them, they were already splashed across the TV, selling out shows, and the trendy addition to all the Summer festivals.

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We had one of those “A HA” moments on Wednesday, March 26th when Brooklyn trio ‘Little Daylight’ played an intimate show at World Cafe Live (upstairs). If you haven’t already heard of Little Daylight, you will. They are hardly unknown at this point, having opened for the likes of ‘Charlie XCX’, ‘The Neighbourhood’, and ‘Bastille’. They received a slew of praise at SXSW and have since embarked on a their North American ‘Three of Clubs’ tour with support from ‘Flagship’ and ‘Terraplane Sun’.

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The show kicked off on Wednesday at 8pm with Flagship performing first. Sadly we were unable to make it in time for their performance, instead arriving just after Terraplane Sun hit the stage. Hailing from Venice, California, Terraplane Sun describes their own sound as “blues indie rock folk dance soul”. We’d say this is fairly accurate as it would be impossible to nail them down to one (or even two) genres. If you’re keeping score at home, that’s a good thing.

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In addition to the lead vocals, guitar, and harmonica of front-man Ben Rothbard, the five-piece outfit features bass, drums, mandolin, keyboard, lap steel guitar, accordion, and perhaps our favorite instrument of all time, the trombone. Their cornucopia of sounds makes them an easy fit for almost any show which is why it’s no surprise they’ve opened for acts ranging from ‘Alabama Shakes’ and ‘Phoenix’, to ‘Alt J’, to ‘Imagine Dragons’. They have a little something for everyone and a whole hell of a lot for those with a wide range of musical appreciation.  They definitely had us jamming, not to mention the group of fans who gathered to dance in front of the stage.

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Little Daylight took the stage just after 10pm and delivered all we were expecting and more. We’ve been fans of their catchy, almost infectious, pop-laden sound ever since we first laid ears on their debut EP ‘Tunnel Vision’ last year.

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It’s easy to become quickly smitten with Nikki Taylor’s vocals, backed with precision by her band mates (Matt Lewkowicz and Eric Zeiler). ‘Overdose’, their most well-known tune to date, made its way into heavy rotation on our playlists after the very first listen.

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It was a treat seeing Little Daylight perform in person for a small audience in a small room. The feeling that, the next time they returned to Philly it would be on a much larger stage, was palpable. Their set lasted only about an hour as they have quite a small catalog of songs at this point, however, they were able to sneak in a few new tunes off of their forthcoming debut LP (on Capital Records), giving fans everything they wanted, but leaving them with a morsel of more to come.

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Their tour will take them across the U.S. and Canada over the next month and we highly suggest you check them out now, while you can get a front row seat for a song.

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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