Little Brother Plays Big Show at the TLA

Little Brother

The weather may have cooled off in Philadelphia but it was nothing but hot at the TLA on South Street as hip-hop stars “Little Brother” spit fire on stage to a hyped up crowd.

Backstage with Big Pooh
Backstage with Phonte
Little Brother, Big Crowd
Mighty Healthy

Independent Philly was in the house (both back stage and on stage) as Big Dho, DJ Flash, Dice Raw (from the Roots), Chaundon, Joe Scudda, Little Brother and friends rocked the mic for hours on end. While all of the opening acts brought their own unique flavor, this night truly belonged to the duo from North Carolina.

Dice Raw of the Roots
Chaundon Rockin’ the Mic
Joe Scudda
Joe Scudda Loves Robert Downey Jr

This is the last tour for Little Brother as they plan to go their seperate ways in the near future to work on their own projects. It was clear from start to finish that there is still great chemistry between Phonte and Big Pooh and whether they stay split up or eventually reunite, they have left hip-hop fans with hit after hit to enjoy for years to come.

Big Pooh
Big Pooh Works the Crowd
Get Yo’ Ones Up
Layin’ it Down

If you didn’t get a chance to catch them tonight, you definitely missed a great show and we suggest you pick up one of their albums and rock out to it while you check out our photos of the event.

Workin’ It
View From the DJ
Phonte Phonics
Phonte Working the Crowd
This Tall

 You can check out Little Brother and the rest of the Hall of Justus crew at:


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