Lights Out with NiT GriT & Minnesota at Soundgarden Hall

This past Friday, August 2nd, Philadelphia went crazy for the latest edition of House of Heart’s Lights Out party at Soundgarden Hall. A group of great DJs brought the house crumbling down with genres ranging from melodic dubstep to something called “cracked out carnival club.”

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First up was dreaded G, Joseph Reilly. Known by his stage name Mojo Risin, he’s certainly no stranger to Soundgarden Hall. A staple to the Lights Out series, Mojo gets the party started with more relaxed sounds like trip hop, some break-beats, and of course a little reggae. His set was completely contrasted by the next DJ, Ascendance. This guy may look like a frat bro, but he has the stage presence of Sid Vicious and Mick Jagger combined. He presented his new remix of CeCe Peniston’s “Finally,” a futuristic trap tune, alongside an unreleased remix of “Pharaohs” by XNDR (who was there emceeing the whole show) and a collaborative trap piece between himself and The Nineties called “Come Find Me”– all while head-banging, jumping, beckoning, screaming, and at one point smashing his headphones on the ground. We guess that’s the present-day equivalent to Nirvana shattering their guitars on stage. Nevertheless, we loved it, and so did the crowd.

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Des McMahon was up next. The 23-year-old Ginger Beat Wizard is actually native to our city and went to school in D.C. for music production; he plays shows mainly in these two cities. We’ve been fans ever since his moombahton hit “Albino Ass Slap” (which, unfortunately, we didn’t get to hear), but he’s since chosen to produce dubstep, and on Friday, we heard a lot of it. He dropped his single “Phantom,” his remix of The Prodigy’s “Breathe,” and an unreleased song called “From the Ashes.” (That last one will be featured on an upcoming EP that’s due out later this year). One a side note, we weren’t sure if there was something in the water or if Des’s set was just that sexy, but the girls were going nuts. One chick jumped on stage and started twerking as if she was in a Diplo video. That was interesting to say the least.

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After Des was the legendary NiT GriT. This six-foot-tall producer hails from San Jose, CA and infuses a little bit of west-coast style into his sets. We heard a lot of his original material as well as a few couple remixes. While certainly not as energetic as Ascendance, it’s safe to say that NiT never stood still during his entire hour-long slot. In fact, we thought he looked kind of like a Final Fantasy character in a constant battle stance. Playing almost entirely dubstep, he brought such high energy to the venue that by the end we weren’t sure if the crowd had any left for the final act.

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Who are we kidding? Of course they did! Headliner Minnesota is no stranger to the Lights Out party, having played in July 2012 at the Blockey. Minnesota had to (and did) drop his new single “Fevers,” a melodic dubstep tune in collaboration with one of our favorite artists, Seven Lions. In addition to that he chose to throw in a couple songs off his most recent “Altered States” EP which has a trap-like vibe to it. Knowing he completely tired the crowd out by the end of his set, he encored with a chill tune that was easy to just bounce or zone out to, sending fans away at 230am with just enough energy to make it back to their cars.

[Photos by Wundrlnd & story by Ariele Monzo]

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