Lights Out at Soundgarden Hall Gets DirtyLoud

The latest edition of House of Hearts’ “Lights Out” party rocked out Soundgarden Hall on Saturday, July 13th with a slew of local, national, and international talent behind the decks.

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Mojo Risin opened the show, preparing the crowd with some chill break beats, glitch hop, and trip hop. Some of the noteworthy songs he dropped were Nico Luminous’ “Light It Up” and “Snake Charmer” by Biometrix. He even threw in a little reggae which is totally within his character. Anyone that’s been to Soundgarden Hall knows that the acoustics are top-notch; it’s a venue where, if you look away too long, your drink will vibrate right off the table. Mojo’s set gave us a taste of the overwhelming bass that was only going to augment as the night drove on.

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Next up was Love City DJs. Don’t let that final “s” fool you; this is a one-man act. Anyone within the Philadelphia scene is no stranger to this West Chester native. He played a great set, choosing to stick to trap and tech house. It’s clear from listening to his SoundCloud that he’s a hardcore hip hop fan. Mid-June, he stated on his Facebook page, “I’ve never, to my recollection, played a DJ set in my life without a hip-hop song in it.” Knowing this, it’s no surprise he would merge Jay-Z’s “Tom Ford” with samples of the classic Daft Punk groove beat from “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.” We also heard hints of Moombahton such as “Latin Fever” by Wolfgang Gartner and a great Dog Blood remix of A$AP Rocky’s “Wild For the Night.” Love City’s set flowed seamlessly, and watching him work is always mesmerizing. His scratching abilities are impressive and hard to find these days.

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Johnny V was next, and began with a true anthem: “Sirius” by Feenixpawl vs. The Alan Parsons Project. Sometime during the beginning of the set, a fan pegged a wad of fabric at JV. Of course, we assumed it was a pair of very large underwear from an admirer; it turned out to be a white T-shirt donning Johnny’s face and the caption “Phunk off. I is mixing… Again!”, which he wore for the rest of the night. He played mostly hard electro and house. Robotic voices and trance infused synths invaded the sound space thanks to “Hypergenic Supersonic Futuristic” by Marco V, “Radical” by Richard Durand and “The Kraken” by Chris Schweizer. One of the more memorable songs was the DJ Koni bootleg of W&W vs. Ummet Ozcan’s “Lift Off”.


With the locals in the books, it was time for Nerd Rage, a very interesting DJ from Tampa, FL. Thus far, his set was the most diverse in terms of genre. He opened with a remix of Depeche Mode’s “Shout” and quickly moved onto face-melters by the likes of Rusko and Bro Safari. By this time, girls were clamoring for a spot on one of the two poles near the stage, desperate for the tatted DJ’s attention. Apparently, Nerd Rage is used to this type of thing; he’s a weekly resident at one of Florida’s hottest clubs, the Amp. Four minutes before the end of his set, he dropped his unreleased remix of Octiv’s hardcore drum-step release “Fatality,”. It was epic. Other songs of note included the smooth remix of Dirtyphonics’ “No Stopping Us” featuring Foreign Beggars and the hilarious and fun “Tequila Remix” by J. Rabbit.

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Finally, it was time for the Brazilian duo Dirtyloud to play their headlining set. While some DJs barely make any movement on stage, Dirtyloud was all over the place—in a good way! Marcus’s constant jumping kept the crowd excited, even after 4.5 straight hours of dancing, while Eduardo dropped what Mixmag described in their January 16th interview as “dubstep-inflected electro-house.” You could tell that they were both really having fun! In addition to their own tracks (like the most recent remix of Lazy Rich’s “Damage Control”), they threw in some classics like “Bass Cannon” by Flux Pavilion.

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All good things must come to an end and around 230am it was Lights Out for Lights Out. The lights came on and fans emptied out of Soundgarden Hall.

[Photos by Wundrlnd & story by Ariele Monzo]

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