Lights Out at Mad River Manayunk

Glow Parties and Paint Parties are all of the rage these days and last night at Mad River Manayunk, party people got the best of both worlds. Presented by House of Hearts, “Lights Out” was a glow/paint party with DJ’s, drink specials, and an older vibe than similar events (21+ to enter).

Lights Out packed Mad River with patrons wearing white, glowing attire, and a bevy of creative costumes.

There was body painting by Kirkworx Dupuis, glow-hoopers, go-go dancers, and an impressive array of black lights and lasers.

The opening DJ sets were provided by Chris Rivera, Aiden Scott, and Joe Cintron who got the party started when the doors opened at 8pm.

Within a few hours, when headliners Johnny V & the Love City DJs took over, the party was in full swing. The drinks flowed as freely as the dancers that packed the floor.

CO2 cannons blasted from stage as the House of Hearts crew rained fist-fulls of glow-sticks on the crowd. The place was bumping until 2am when the lights came on and the party came to an end.

House of Hearts will be throwing several more parties in the coming  months in West Chester, Manayunk, and downtown Philadelphia. They have something extra big planned for April so keep your eyes and ears open.

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