Lights Out Featuring the M-Machine and Le Castle Vania at Soundgarden Hall

The House of Hearts crew threw one of their bigger Lights Out shows to date on Saturday night, October 12th, by bringing not just Le Castle Vania, but also the M-Machine to Soundgarden Hall.  Le Castle Vania, from Mau5trap records, and the M-Machine from OWSLA, are two acts that are both headliner worthy.


The opening act of the night was Death Until Mourning, who started the show off at 8:30.  Death Until Mourning has been making music for over 10 years, and his experience showed during his opening set.  We particularly liked how he used a sample of Miley Cyrus’s song “Wrecking Ball”.


Up next in the night was House of Hearts resident DJ, Johnny V.  We have become accustomed to seeing larger crowds at Lights Out shows by this time of the night, but on Saturday it seemed that people were either busy taking advantage of the bars in the back of the venue, or were late to arrive.


Regardless of the crowd size at the start of his set, Johnny V still played as if it was a sold-out show, and by the end of his performance, a large amount of people had made their way onto the dance floor.  We have to give a few cool points to Johnny V for dropping the song “Dance Bitch” (by Tom Neville & Zen Freeman) that features a sample from Aaron Paul’s character Jesse on the hit T.V. show, Breaking Bad.


Up next was another House of Hearts resident, Des McMahon.  Des, like Death until Mourning and Johnny V, proved  how worthwhile it is to arrive early to shows to catch the openers.  The level of talent that we have seen from opening acts recently is just one of the indicators of how great the current EDM scene is in Philadelphia.


After Des McMahon it was time for the first headliner of the night, Le Castle Vania, to take the stage.  It’s generally a safe assumption to make that an artist signed to Mau5trap records will be very talented.  After listening to Le Castle Vania’s set we realized our assumption was actually a fact.


One of our favorite parts of Le Castle Vania’s set was one he dropped “Around the World” by Daft Punk out of nowhere and mixed it into his bass filled set flawlessly.  We also loved his trackDisintegration” as well as his remix of Kaskade’s “Turn it down.


Last up for the night was the headlining act The M-Machine, who last came to Soundgarden Hall as the opening act for Markus Schultz.


By the time The M-Machine started their set Soundgarden had filled up to its typical capacity.  Although plenty of people made their way onto the dance floor for the final set of the night, we were a little less enthusiastic.  There was nothing we could find that was wrong with the M-Machines performance, however, when we compared it to the other acts of the night, it just did not do enough to set it apart as headliner worthy. Maybe this is just an indication of how talented the openers were, or perhaps the M-Machine just had an off night. Regardless, it was a solid show from start to finish.

[Photos by Garfinkel Photography]

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