Life in Color with Steve Aoki & Jauz at Festival Pier

Spring time means the return of outdoor venues to our concert calendar and on Saturday, April 11th we hit the Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing for the return of ‘Life in Color’. The international paint party always attracts a huge crowd when it rolls into town and Saturday was no exception. With beautiful weather on tap, and some big name DJs on the decks, it was no wonder that so many people showed up to party the evening away, soaked in neon paint.

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The night kicked off at 6pm with an opening set by duo ‘Wavo’ who won a contest to secure the opening slot. A line stretched far down the block before the gates opened so the moment the venue began allowing fans in, they quickly made their way inside and wasted no time pressing up close to the stage and dancing. Wavo did their thing and were certainly worthy of setting the tone for the night.

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After about 30 minutes, ‘Heff’ took over from Wavo and kept things grooving for the next hour. Heff, who hails from Philadelphia, seemed at home on stage as the crowd size continued to grow and grow. By the time his set ended at 730pm, fans were still arriving but the venue was notably more full than it was when he began his set.

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Life in Color host and MC, Emir Duru, hit the stage next to pump up the crowd and start the countdown to the first paint blast. The crowd was spraying with paint from fire-hoses as he dropped some rhymes some rhymes on the mic. Life in Color resident DJ, David Solano was up next, and his hour long set definitely had the crowd (which was nearing capacity) going bananas. Half way through his set the first paint blast shot its way over the crowd to the delight of those it soaked.

DSC_3306 copy DSC_3326 copy DSC_3375 copy DSC_3435 copy DSC_3471 copy DSC_3512 copy

At 830pm, it was time for Jauz to hit the stage. The man that many fans had come specifically to see effortlessly blended genres, switching from mid-tempo to club bangers. The young California based DJ/Producer has a bright future ahead of him. Following the show, Jauz also headlined the official after party across the street at Soundgarden Hall, giving many fans the chance to see him play twice in one evening.

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The headliner for the night was Steve Aoki and he gave the Festival Pier crowd everything fans have come to expect from an Aoki set: inflatable rafts, champagne baths, cake to the face, and the oft-shirtless DJ running all over the place. Aoki dropped several of his own signature tracks and remixes and hit the mic on the regular to pump the crowd up between shenanigans.

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When the five hour long party wrapped up around 11pm (with a surprise firework show over the stage) we had witnessed numerous great sets, performance art routines, close to the most paint we’ve ever seen used at a Life in Color show, and thousands of fans having the time of their lives.

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[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

[Article by David Miller]

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