Life In Color w/ Jauz, Seven Lions, and Herobust at Festival Pier

One of the most fascinating aspects of music culture is the incredible diversity that thrives within fans all over the globe. However, no matter what genre of music one finds themselves into, one unfortunate division that fans can never escape is the existence and divide of elitism. There are many who find themselves to be in higher standing, higher quality, and higher humanity based on their music tastes and passions. For us in the industry, this attitude of gluttony is utterly disgusting. Whether you have been listening to a new style for a day or for decades, it’s the love for artistic expression that we believe promotes unity in it’s highest standard. One genre that finds itself in the crosshairs of openness and elitism, is the genre of electronic dance music. If you are in the EDM scene in any way, you’ve caught the terror of falling into an honest mistake and having the elitist hounds come straight at you for you lack of “knowledge”. However, the fan base is not all bad. There are events present in electronic music that focus on branding themselves to bring in the mainstream, maybe “inexperienced” crowd of fans in order to show them what the scene is all about. The event that has achieved this sense of welcoming the most in our scene, is Life In Color.

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Previously known as Day Glow, Life In Color has been making waves in the electronic music scene for years. Whether you see it as good or bad, it’s impossible to deny the massive impact the event tour has had on dance music. With Life In Color expanding to cities all over the United States, the rest of the globe, and now putting on their own festival in Miami every year, the festival has a serious record to fall back on. Some of the biggest and most talented artists from every genre in electronic music have grace LIC stages. Through the branding of the event as the most epic paint party you could ever experience, the event has attracted the younger crowd within the scene and sometimes even a lot of high school and college kids who know little to nothing about electronic music. This makes for an incredibly intense and dramatic experience, not only for the fans who are being exposed to a lot of sounds they may have never heard before, but also for the artists who have the chance to show off their best to a crowd of relatively new listeners.

life in color-0422 copy life in color-0434 copylife in color-1151 copyThis year, Philadelphia snagged one of the best Life In Color lineups that we have seen in recent years. Diverse talent from three of dance music’s biggest acts brought to light the incredible talent and overall flow that can thrive through genre defying and well thought out talent buying. Opening the night were two acts who are very friendly with the local Philadelphia crowds. Pasdat and We’re Not Friends brought with them some of the newer sounds of electronic music highlighting the major crossover movement of dubstep and trap sounds into one breathing hybrid. Not only that, but they also highlighted the new style of hip-hop infused drunken trap which has exploded onto the scene in recent months. Their performances were the perfect warmup for LIC’s headliners.

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Up first from the headliners was bass house maniac Jauz who has garnered an incredibly dedicated fan base. Many members of shark squad came out for the madness that is a Jauz performance, and those who were new to the ocean creature’s blend of dubstep, trap, house, and so much more were pleasantly surprised. Although it was still light out and the rain was falling relatively hard, the soaked crowd was jumping from start to finish. While we watch many musical acts perform for our work here at Independent Philly, there are few who can truly control and unite a crowd like Jauz can.

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The next major headliner to perform was Atlanta’s Herobust who’s combination of hip-hop, dubstep, and trap sounds dubbed “metallic trap” by many took the stage to unsure looks on the crowd’s face. Out of the three major headliners, it seemed that Herobust was the least known by the crowd. However, as Herobust has come to be known as one of the most experimental and powerful producers in electronic music, he did not disappoint. Mixing together a combination of top 40 hits, hard hitting trap, jaw dropping dubstep, and chill-inducing house, the producer won of the crowd and arguable played the best set of the night with what seemed to be ease. The sheer composure and comfort Herobust performed with scary in the best way possible. A perfect balance of crowd pleasing tracks and heavy hitting riot inciting bangers rocked Life In Color to it’s core.

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Finally, Seven Lions stepped up to the decks to provide the final and arguably most emotional of all the performances. For years, Seven Lions has been praised for many different facets of his musical presence. From producing some of the most complex melodic dubstep, to mixing a range of unconventional and mainstream music into his sets, if you have had the chance to see a Seven Lions set, you understand why he is so highly praised. We were blessed to hear sounds we truly never thought would bless a Life in Color stage such as pay-trance, drum n bass, and much much more. The sing alongs were loud, the crowd was wild, and the night ended on a perfect note. We truly had a blast at Life in Color this year, and we can’t wait to come back and be covered in paint once again when next year returns. We are counting down the days already.

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As we left the main event, we headed over to District N9ne to keep the night going. Upon arrival, it was clear that the after party was already in full swing with opener Phaseone destroying the crowd. There was no sense of light foreplay for this show, it was real heavy from the start. After Phaseone finished his set to the tune of roars from the crowd, Herobust took the stage for the 2nd time tonight as the after party headliner. While his set at Life in Color was filled with a lot of trap and house, this after party set was nothing but pure dubstep. The crowd at District N9ne couldn’t get enough of Herobust and left the venue and themselves in absolute shambles. Leaving the after party, all we could think about was our beds at home. It was one hell of a night, and thanks to Life in Color, it was all made possible.

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[Photos by C2H2 Photo]

[Article by Adam Leopold]

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