Life in Color with Datsik and Gareth Emery at Festival Pier

The Life in Color tour returned to Philly on Friday, September 27th at the Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing with a stacked line-up of DJs including Datsik and Gareth Emery.

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Independent Philly has been going hard in the paint with the Life in Color (formerly Dayglow) crew for the past several years. During shows in Philly, Trenton, DC, Bethlehem, Allentown, Atlantic City, State College, and beyond, we’ve never had anything short of a great time while watching legions of fans get soaked in paint while rocking out to some top-notch talent from the world of EDM.

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Whether sunny, down-pouring, hot, or cold, the crowd that flocks to Life in Color always make the best of the situation and are there simply to have a mind-blowing five hours with their friends.

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On Friday, the weather was perfect for a show at the Festival Pier, and fans began lining up outside of the gates before they opened at 6pm.

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Rocking white and neon clothing, they flowed into the venue beginning right at 6pm where a duo of opening DJs was already pumping out some high energy electro. Unlike other shows where the opening DJs are supposed to slowly warm up the crowd, Life in Color opening DJs generally kick off with up-tempo crowd pleasers from the get-go.

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With Fall already in swing, it took only a little over an hour for the sun to set, adding an impressive light display to the bumping bass and costumed characters that were making their way through the crowd, posing for photos.

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By the time the sun had set the final opening DJ had stepped up on the decks and was keeping things moving smoothly as host Emir Duru was getting the audience pumped up on the mic for the main attractions: the stage performers, the nationally touring DJs, and of course, the paint blasts.

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Los Angeles based electro DJ, Borgeous, held nothing back from the moment he hit the stage, dropping banger after banger in rapid succession as the countdown clock to the initial paint blast ticked away on the LED wall behind him.

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The paint blast came around 845pm, soaking fans with green and pink while confetti rained down from the sky. Shortly thereafter, Datsik took over from Borgeous and took the party from electro to a bigger bass sound.

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The paint kept on coming, as did the performances by dancers and acrobats on stage. Datsik even took a quick break from mixing to hit the front of the stage and spray the crowd with paint from the fire hose.

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The final set of the night went to Gareth Emery. Emery’s sound is a blend of trance, house, and progressive that fuse together with blissful simplicity.

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As fans continued to soak each other with paint, we sat back and soaked in the whole scene from the stage, instantly reminded after a 10 month hiatus of covering Life in Color why we adore it so much.

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Emery’s set, and the party, ended at 11pm with the paint saturated crowd heading off to the one year anniversary of Soundgarden Hall or a Life in Color after-party at LiT Ultra Bar.

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Life in Color returns to our area on December 6th for a show in Trenton, NJ.

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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