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LeBon LeBon at North Star Bar

I was already very familiar with Davey Cope and Demian Mason (both childhood friends of mine), the duo behind throw-back New Wave outfit, ‘LeBon LeBon’, back in 2011, but I knew nothing about their latest musical project until they released the video for their song ‘All I Want is Megan Fox for Christmas’. While ridiculous, the tune is infectiously catchy and within hours I was walking around the house singing “Haven’t I been a good boy Santa, haven’t I been a good boy?” under my breath.

Cope is one of the hidden gems in the Philadelphia music scene. He’s worked with a ton of artists, both well known, and unknown, and I’ve seen the guy write and record an entire album in just over a day. Mason can play pretty much anything from bass guitar, to flute, trombone to Xbox. Get these two together and good things are bound to happen. Previously the duo were part of the band ‘Fantasy Square Garden’ (whose break-up I still haven’t fully recovered from) along with Ali & Clare Wadsworth (amongst others).

DSC_8322 copy DSC_8327 copy

On Saturday, January 24th, I hopped into my hot tub time machine and headed over to North Star Bar for LeBon LeBon’s record release party for their album ‘Devices’. Having only heard one track from the album, ‘Hot Tramps’, I was already excited for what was promising to be a homage to several of my childhood favorites like Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, and The Buggles.

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No one knew quite what to expect before LeBon LeBon hit the stage, but it instantly became apparent that this 80’s inspired performance couldn’t be jammed into a 2015 shaped hole. The lackluster stage set-up of North Star Bar was a prime backdrop for the show which began as the duo took the stage in matching blue & gold metallic outfits, red sunglasses, and headphone microphones, with female dancers clad in rainbow colored tights on either side of them. It pretty much looked like the 80’s had just thrown up all over the stage with one glaring exception, it didn’t stink!

DSC_8393 copy

For the next 30+ minutes the crowd was greatly entertained as LeBon LeBon sang and (choreographed) danced their way through many of their new tunes including the aforementioned ‘Hot Tramps’, ‘Internet Killed The Video Store’, ‘Look The Part’, ‘Now Is The Time’, and ‘Presentable Neanderthal’. Who needs huge lighting rigs and smoke machines when you have a clarinet, fake bones, and a Justin Bieber keytar?! That was a rhetorical question.

DSC_8369 copy DSC_8402 copy

When the show finally came to an end, the foursome danced their way off of the stage to a small roar of cheers before eventually returning to meet & greet their fans, and sell some CDs. Don’t worry if you missed it though, you can buy ‘Devices’ right now on iTunes!

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

[Article by David Miller]

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