Interview with Lazerbeak from Doomtree Crew

Aaron Mader (a.k.a. Lazerbeak)

Aaron Mader, a.k.a. Lazerbeak has been stunning music fans and concert goers or more than half of his life. He got his start at the young age of fourteen, starting “The Plastic Constellations” with two friends in Minnesota. Within a year the band was selling out major venues. After well over a decade of TPC making music and touring together, Lazerbeak met up with members of Doomtree Crew, starting producing hip-hop, and the rest is history. To date he has produced over 400 beats.

In September of this year, Lazerbeak dropped a solo album “Legend Recognize Legend” which draws on his full range of musical experience.

Currently Doomtree is touring the country and for the first time has all seven members on tour. As they prepare to swing into the City of Independence on Thanksgiving Eve, Lazerbeak took some time out to talk with Independent Philly about his humble beginnings, musical tastes, and even Brett Favre & Michael Vick. After you check out the interview, make sure to swing over to the contests page (CLICK HERE FOR THE DOOMTREE CONTEST) for a chance to win two tickets to their show on Wednesday night!

Legend Recognize Legend

INDEPENDENT PHILLY: Where did the name Lazerbeak come from?

LAZERBEAK: I was drinking one night with a friend and we were just putting words together to see what could work.  I thought Lazerbeak sounded pretty hilarious and it kind of just stuck after that.  Months later I found out that it’s actually a character from Transformers too.  I swear I did not know that going into it.  Really not trying to offend any of those die hard Decepticon fans.

IP: Your full length album “Legend Recognize Legend” dropped in September, what has the feedback been like over the first two months? What is your favorite track?

LB: So far the feedback has been pretty positive.  I was super nervous about the reaction since it’s so different from the rap stuff I’m usually associated with, but overall people have been really open minded about the change in direction.  It’s been a huge relief, cuz I was totally prepared for it to get ripped apart.  My favorite track at this point is probably “Tempest.”  Really happy with how that one turned out.

IP: What was your most memorable show with The Plastic Constellations in the twelve years that you were together? Okay, you can pick two shows. What do you miss the most about touring with TPC?

LB: We did a co-headlining show with Tapes N Tapes at the legendary First Ave (think Purple Rain) in Minneapolis and sold the place out.  Hands down one of the best nights of my long legged life.  Such a victorious feeling.  While I do miss touring with TPC, I actually probably see all those guys way more than ever now that we’re not really pursuing the band thing.  We drink so many beers together and just kick it. LEGENDZ!

Doomtree's Lazerbeak

IP: What is the Hip-Hop scene like in Minnesota?

LB: It’s pretty incredible.  There’s just so many talented people making music together.  We all route for one another.  So many awesome producers come out of the Twin Cities.  It’s great because it creates this intense friendly competition that keeps you on your toes.

IP: What can our readers expect to see and hear at your show in Philly on Wednesday night? What makes a Doomtree show stand out from all the other shows that come through Philadelphia?

LB: This tour has been insane.  It’s the first time all seven members have ever toured together, and the show is basically two and a half hours of everybody up on stage playing nothing but the hits.  Paper Tiger and I start out the night by playing some jams off of our solo albums, and then we just tear into a monster rap set of straight lava bangers.  I really don’t think there is another show like this out there.

IP: Do you have a favorite place to eat in Philly?

LB: Not a super original answer, but I always end up at Pat’s for a cheesesteak every time I come through.  It might be time to finally start expanding my horizons a bit though this time around.

IP: We hear that you’re a Vikings fan… Let’s do some quick word association (first thing that comes to mind):

1. Randy Moss

LB: What the hell happened?  I was so pumped to bring my old throwback Moss jersey back out of retirement and then the day we left for tour they let him go.

2. Brett Favre

LB: Dick pics dude.

3. Brad Childress

LB: The absolute worst ever.  The only saving grace of this brutal season is that there is just no way he will be able to keep his job.

4. Cris Carter

LB: A true legend.  That dude had the hugest hands in the world.  I love how he mentored Moss in the beginning too.

5. Michael Vick

LB: The only game I’ve gotten to watch on the road was that pounding the Eagles put on the Redskins last week.  Vick was unconscious.  I pull for that guy, he did his time.  My wife on the other hand strongly believes he should be murdered by a wild pack of dogs.


IP: How old were you when you first took a real interest in music? What instrument did you learn to play on?

LB: In 4th grade at my school you could either do band or choir.  I always thought the saxophone looked so cool, so I started playing the alto sax.  Then once I got to junior high I met the dudes in TPC! and decided I wanted to play guitar.  It’s been on ever since.

IP: What has been your biggest challenge so far as a musician?

LB: Figuring out where all the money is at in the game.  It is really hard to find sometimes.

IP: If you could collaborate with any three artists (living or dead) who would they be and why?

LB: Luther Vandross, because he has the greatest voice I’ve ever heard.  Jay-Z, because he is the best to ever do it.  And probably Hall and Oates.  I would love to rock a couple extremely long sax solos over their endless streak of hits.

IP: You’ve been selected for a mission into outer-space for the next ten years and can only bring five albums with you…which ones would you bring?

LB: Luther Vandross – The Essential Collection

Steely Dan – Aja

Stevie Wonder – Songs In The Key Of Life

Hall and Oates – The Essential Collection

Randy Newman – Sail Away

IP: What songs are currently getting the most play on your IPOD/MP3 player?

LB: Been bumping an amazing amount of R&B music, both past and present.  Lots of Tevin Campbell, Luther, Isley Brothers, The Dream.  Oh and that new Kanye record slays!

IP: What are three things you can’t be without when on tour?

LB: Three things would have to be my ultimate homies, dryer sheets, and a steady stockpile of white tees.

IP: Tell us something about yourself that would surprise or even shock our readers…

LB: Ok, when I was young I used to sleepwalk from time to time and urinate on valuable electronics in the house.  I definitely ruined my Dad’s first computer when I was 6 that way.  How’s that for shocking?

Independent Philly can’t wait to check out Doomtree as they play the First Unitarian Church on Wednesday night and we hope to see you all there rocking along with us.


Doomtree "Wings & Teeth" Tour

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