Kongos & Sir Sly at The Electric Factory

It was bitter cold in Philadelphia on Thursday, February 12th but the freezing temps weren’t enough to keep rock fans away from the Electric Factory. The draw? South African band of brothers, ‘Kongos’, with support from ‘Sir Sly’ and ‘Colony House’.

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We arrived just before Sir Sly took the stage, and they soon emerged from behind the curtain, basked in dark blue light. Touring in support of their debut album ‘You Haunt Me’ (released in September 2014), their 35 minute set consisted of several melodic tunes that didn’t inspire the same level of energy in us that front man Landon Jacobs displayed on stage.

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Sir Sly wrapped up on ‘Gold’, during which Jacobs removed his shirt to reveal the Allen Iverson 76ers jersey he was wearing underneath. Gold was our favorite song from their set so we were pleased that they chose to close with it. Sir Sly then hit the back of the venue to autograph merchandise for their fans.

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After a 20 minute break, Johnny, Jesse, Daniel, and Dylan (the Kongos brothers) hit the stage to a slew of cheers from the crowd. Back by a large banner bearing their name and logo, Kongos opened with ‘Hey I Don’t Know’ and ‘Sex On The Radio’.

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After the third song (‘Kids These Days’) the banner dropped to reveal several smaller video screens behind them. What we really enjoy about Kongos is that every member of the band easily transitions from lead to backup vocals (depending on the track). We also appreciated the fact that they didn’t save their biggest hit to date, ‘Come With Me Now’, for last (playing three songs, including a cover of the Beatles ‘Eleanor Rigby’) afterwards.

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Kongos returned to the stage for a two song encore, finishing on a cover of New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’. All in all it was another great show at the Electric Factory and fans seemed to be happy to brave the weather to get their fix of rock.

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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