The Killer Fro Tour at Soundgarden Hall with Candyland, Kill Paris and Elvis Suarez

The Killer Fro Tour rolled through Soundgarden Hall, on Saturday, March 1st for a night of great music and crazy fun times.  The Killer Fro Tour features the genre defying DJ group Candyland, as well as Kill Paris (OWSLA), who describes his sound as “Future Funk”.


The show started off with support from local DJ Elvis Suarez, who provided some very nice deep house tunes for the crowd to warm up to.  The crowd seemed to go particularly nuts towards the end of Suarez’s set when he dropped “Laser Beams” by Harvard Bass.  Elvis Suarez’s set was great and served as another reminder of just how good some of the local Philadelphia talent is.


Up next for the night was Kill Paris, an artist we have been dying to see, who wasted no time at all funking things up.  It was easy to tell how incredibly talented Kill Paris is after just a few minutes of watching (and listening) to him perform.


Rocking one of the coolest Keytars we have ever seen, with a matching sweatshirt and shoes, Kill Paris played live music over-top of funkadelic electronic samples such as “play that funky music white boy”.  We also have to tip our collective hats to Kill Paris for playing the ‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ theme song when he took the stage.


After Kill Paris it was time for Candyland to take over, who we last saw when they opened for Pretty Lights in November.  If Kill Paris brought the funk, Candyland no doubt brought the flavor.


Candyland’s set had a bit of everything thrown into it, making their track selection more and more unpredictable as the night went on.  We haven’t seen Soundgarden Hall go that wild in a long, long time.


Not only was the show one of our favorites of recent memory, but we are having a hard time thinking of a recent tour that we liked more than The Killer Fro Tour.  Kill Paris and Candyland might be completely different, but they both put all of the energy they had into their sets, making both equally enjoyable.  We give our stamp of approval to any artist that interacts with fans after the show, and any artist that make the crowd so nuts that girls start stripping naked. Yeah, that happened too.

[Photo credit: Steve Garfinkel Photography]

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