Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe at The TLA

Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe descended upon The TLA on Thursday, January 30th for an un-funking-believable show that also included an opening set by Tauk.

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We’d be counting down the minutes until this show for several weeks but had really ramped up our excitement after interviewing Karl Denson earlier in the week. Sadly we arrived a little later than anticipated, just as Tauk was finishing up their set.

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As we waiting for the headliners to take the stage, we spoke with many people in the audience who shared our feelings on the upcoming performance. They were excited; they needed more funk in their lives.

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It didn’t take long for Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe to hit the stage and unload on the energetic crowd. What ensued was exactly what we’d expected: a funk fueled dance party.

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Touring in support of their upcoming album “New Ammo”, which is a gem that all funk fans should pick up starting on February 4th, the band played several of the new forthcoming tracks. Our favorites including “My Baby”, “Everybody Knows That”, and their covers of the Beastie Boys’ “Sure Shot” and the White Stripes “Seven Nation Army”.

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To the thrill of many fans, the band also put New Ammo on sale to those in attendance. It was the first night they sold the album and we saw quite a few people eagerly snatching up a copy.

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We could have listened to them perform for hours, but the grooves seemed to end entirely too soon (in actuality they played for almost 2 hours). After leaving the stage they returned for a stellar encore, wrapping up with “The Duel”, a funkalicious tune that invokes images of 70’s era spy-thrillers. It was the perfect tune to send us out into the chilly Philadelphia evening humming the melody all the way home.

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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